Author: Anna M

Our copywriter Anna has over 12 years experience as a freelance writer and social media marketer. In constant demand, she has amassed an impressive collection of certificates and industry experience and as a result is now a feature writer on many high profile sites, and a ghost for even more!

5 Key Components of a PPC Ad


If you want to maximise your online business, PPC ads are a highly effective option. Pay per click ads on search engines like Google, enable you to target your consumers when they search for keywords relating to your product. It enables your business to be seen above organic search results and therefore, increases your visibility.

Why Should Your Business Be On YouTube?


YouTube isn’t just for makeup tutorials, travel vlogs or cooking tutorials. YouTube is filled with billions of videos on absolutely anything, and there is an audience for every niche! CEO of Vindicta Digital, James Blake, has recently launched his own YouTube Channel where he will be sharing tips on business, digital marketing and entrepreneurship. James