Ogilvy’s Michael Tidmarsh: Creative agency models are changing to accommodate growing use of tech

[ad_1] Advertising agencies have evolved quite a bit since the turn of the century, mostly due to the exponential growth of data and technology in marketing. But how have agencies changed as a result of technology? In an interview this week, Michael Tidmarsh, chief technical officer for Ogilvy Worldwide, shared his thoughts about how agencies

Facebook is combining website, app, offline purchase data into one view for advertisers

[ad_1] Facebook will no longer breakout conversion cost metrics by website, app and offline channels. Instead, it will aggregate cost reporting across the channels. As part of this measurement update, Facebook announced it is adding to the list of actions advertisers can track across their websites, apps and offline channels. Website, app and offline cost

Facebook Updates Ad Metrics to Combine Web, App, and Offline Purchase Data

[ad_1] Facebook is updating its ad metrics to give advertisers a more holistic view of how customers interact with their business across all platforms.In order to do this, Facebook is replacing cost metrics that report on interactions on a single channel with a single “Cost per Purchase” metric.Data that was previously reported in the Cost

Facebook Upgrades Canvas Ads, Now Known as “Instant Experience” Ads

[ad_1] Facebook has upgraded its full-screen mobile ad type with new capabilities, while also renaming it from “Canvas” to “Instant Experience.”This ad type was introduced two years ago as an immersive advertising experience, which expands to fill the screen after being tapped on.In addition to the new name, a new template option has been added,

Google Ads’ Exact Match Targeting Now Includes Keywords With Same Meaning

[ad_1] Google Ads has upgraded its exact match targeting capabilities to now include keywords that have the same meaning.Using machine learning, Google Ads’ exact match will now serve ads that match the intent of a search.Previously, using exact match meant ads were only served when specific words were used.Going forward, advertisers using exact match keywords