Facebook is letting 5 publishers test headlines, images, copy in organic posts

[ad_1] Facebook is running a test with a very limited group of publishers, giving them the ability to test different variations of headlines, images, videos and copy in their Facebook posts to see which perform better. The tool allows publishers to test up to four different versions of an organic post, according to Digiday who

How to Create an Editorial Calendar for Content Marketing in 5 Easy Steps

[ad_1] For many content teams, building an editorial calendar seems like nothing more than an idealistic dream. You know that you should do it — but what usually ends up happening is a content planning process that’s haphazard, at best. Perhaps the biggest obstacle to actually using an editorial calendar lies in, well, it’s usefulness.

Google Updates Structured Data Requirements

[ad_1] Google has updated it’s Developers Page for article structured data, which includes recipe articles. The updates are related to publication and modification dates. The additional properties are optional and recommended only if you decide it’s applicable to your situation.The Google Structured Data Testing Tool will not issue a warning if you do not use