The Top Five Content Marketing Tools That Every Business Should Have


The Top Five Content Marketing Tools That Every Business Should Have

Content marketing has become such an intricate and profoundly detailed area of business. Considering all of the different intricacies and components which make up the marketing industry, it’s no wonder that so many enterprises remain divided on which tools are right for the job.

As with any enterprise, the real difficulty lies in making sure that all of your resources are expertly directed towards one goal – in this instance, generating high-quality marketing while at the same time providing crucial support to SEO.

In an attempt to provide some much-needed clarity, we’re going to be taking a look at the top five content marketing tools your business shouldn’t be without. 


With a slew of potential viewing platforms and a wealth of different animation and creation tools available, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that the video is rapidly becoming the conventional marketing resource. Therefore, it becomes the responsibility of a Belfast SEO Agency to be ready to handle this. Biteable is a resource which provides a method of rapidly creating unique and highly effective animations using a combination of illustrations and stock or custom imagery. Working with a storyboard aesthetic and straightforward accessibility, this is a highly coveted tool.


SEO remains an integral part of the marketing world – those precious keywords and meta descriptions all help to drive valuable traffic to your site. That’s where YoastSEO comes in. A plug-in that originated at WordPress, Yoast provides users with an easy to understand snapshot of the SEO process; how it works, which keywords to insert, and how existing text can be modified and improved. It’s versatility and meticulous attention to detail have earned it a place in the resources of both small businesses and corporate giants alike.

In regards to marketing, everyone who endeavours to provide effective digital marketing Ireland can agree that infographics are often a hindrance. They’re dull and dry – there’s no appeal, nothing to grab the attention of a viewer. However, is a site which can change that. Their software allows any company to efficiently construct an infographic which is bright, engaging and accessible to the general populace. It helps to create organic content which still delivers facts, and that’s why it’s so highly coveted. 

Hubspot Blog Topic Generator

The problem with using blogs to create that all-important Leeds SEO is that it can become challenging to provide relevant and engaging content continuously. There’s only a finite amount of fresh news in your industry, so people do sometimes become trapped within the confines of a niche market. However, Hubspot Blog Topic Generator can prevent this. The entire purpose of the site is to suggest ideas that can be crafted into expertly woven narratives interlocked with SEO keywords. It’s a resource worth investing in because the potential SEO addition is invaluable. 


The final tool for any digital marketing Belfast isn’t designed to aid with the campaign but instead helps with the aftermath. Knowing how well a campaign performed is crucial for reflection and improvement, and so BuzzSumo does just that for you. The click of a mouse can provide companies with valuable statistics such as how many times their campaign was shared on social media, or those sites where interest in your campaign peaked. It’s highly recommended for those companies who wish to exceed their previous accomplishments. 

To summarise, these are some of the best content marketing tools which any good business should consider for their arsenal. Their unique characteristics and polished operating systems allow for a streamlined and concise marketing campaign. If the overall aim of any company is to produce the most traffic in the shortest amount of time while expanding the least resources, then these are tools you should consider.