Digital & Business Survival During And After COVID-19 With James Blake

COVID-19, Marketing and Trends for the Future 

Life in the middle of the coronavirus epidemic is difficult. Businesses, cultures, and the ordinary person are all suffering as a result of this illness which has swept across the globe. Nearly every business has had to make a serious adjustment to their core policies in order to successfully adapt to the new circumstances in which everyone finds themselves in.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that conventional forms of marketing are no longer viable or applicable, so there are new methods coming up to the front. With these new methods come new trends, and new predictions for the future. 

Traditional Marketing May Never Recover

The longer that the majority of the world remains in lockdown because of the coronavirus, the greater danger the conventional marketing industry will be in. Every day, companies are losing money and resources on campaigns that they have planned and partly began to pay for, and this means that they may never get those resources back. This erodes faith in the conventional marketing tactics, and will also potentially be further complicated by public attitudes to marketing when lockdown ends. 

Some people speculate that traditional marketing may never be the same juggernaut that it was prior to the coronavirus outbreak, because businesses will have adapted to such a point that they no longer want to make the transition back towards conventional marketing methods. It will be interesting to see what kind of place traditional campaigns and tactics have in a post-Corona world. 

Digital Marketing is Booming

One of the most interesting things to come from this entire pandemic is that the digital marketing industry has never been stronger. Because of how lockdown has worked, and the period of time that we live in, more people are on the Internet than ever before. Online purchasing has become the norm, as people are afraid to go outside and risk exposing themselves to the virus. That means that a lot of companies have really gone into digital marketing, which has raised the demand for professional services by a considerable margin. 

With the demand for such services at a high, it is logical to conclude that digital marketing will continue to grow as an industry and become even more powerful as time goes on. Businesses all over the world need digital marketing now to connect with their audiences, and it has, in essence, replaced the conventional form of marketing. 

In conclusion, the marketing industry is set to move into a more digital state if the current trends are accurate. The coronavirus outbreak has left many impacts on the world and has changed life as we know it. However, that people will continue to grow and move forward as a result of their endeavours, and we will hopefully see a more elegant and refined digital strategy. It’s clear that the digital power of marketing has really been demonstrated to every business in the last few weeks, so we can probably safely speculate that the industry will continue to grow, develop, and gain traction as more and more people start to utilise digital marketing agencies and digital marketing in-house.


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