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So, you are an existing business or just set up your new commercial venture and want to experience growth?

Putting your best impression forward on the internet is absolutely critical for success. With so many people online and browsing for goods and services, you’ll find that the best way to succeed is to make sure that you are showcasing your website in a way that really makes people stop and look.

What strategies have you implemented?

While experts mention various aspects as pivotal—think of accounting, employees and office location—few are as important as building your brand. After all, to make your mark, you need to deliver the right image. What about your business brand? Will it make them believe they need your product?

For many businesses, the answer lies in using design more effectively and here’s why.

You Need to Capture Attention

For promoting a good image, you need to capture people’s senses and visual impact is one of the best ways you can do this. Imagery gets processed much faster by the brain than text. Pictures are also very versatile in communication.

Make sure your medium doesn’t hamper the message you’re trying to get out. A skilled designer knows exactly how to balance image and text as well as combining them for a dynamic layout that will ensure consumer engagement.

To greatly capture people’s attention a good thing to include into your website and online presence is video content. Visit our website to find out more.

You Need to Define Your Brand

The challenge with doing business in affluent areas is that there are bound to be many other similar service providers, targeting the same niche as you. Can you guarantee that your audience will easily distinguish you from the rest? You don’t want your products to be confused with someone else’s and your competitor profiting from your good reputation.

What you need is an image that suits the industry you’re in, but has a unique feel. Practical solutions to achieve this include:

  • Using your face in marketing material, because faces are easily recognizable.
  • Investing in designing a logo that suits your brand and can become synonymous with everything you stand for. This shouldn’t look like anything a competitor has used so far.

When consumers start getting used to your look, logo and message, they’ll notice your ads faster. So investing in defining your brand at the outset will have long term results.

Design WILL Impact Sales

There’s a reason why design companies get paid big bucks to handle other businesses’ marketing campaigns: it takes knowledge and skill to know how to use visual elements to secure a sale. And because people are much affected by what they see, you need design as part of your strategy to draw customers.

Where do people spend most of their time these days? Social media platforms and websites have become more and more popular over the last few decades. 2018 research showed that people spend almost 24 hours out of each week online. That means to draw people’s attention to your brand you can’t only rely on roadside posters. You need to engage with people where they feel comfortable, and that means advertising on the World Wide Web.

But here’s the challenge: consumers get bombarded with marketing material on these platforms. How do you make sure it’s your ad that gets noticed when someone scrolls down their Facebook newsreel? Design.

The expert designers know how to utilize colour, imagery and text to draw attention. When done correctly it can direct a consumer into a sales funnel and ensure commitment to a sale.

Design Secures a Following

As much as you want to believe that your product’s characteristics will ensure high sales figures, business is much more complex. For a steady revenue stream—instead of occasional sales—you need to turn one-off buyers into loyal customers.

Obtaining someone’s loyalty means you need them to trust you. You’ll be surprised at how much design can impact what a consumer thinks of your brand:

  • Image quality: To consumers, you have to prove that you’re worth their time and money. Using high-quality images communicates success and professionalism. A pixelated image on a poster or website tells your audience that you’re not interested in finer details.
  • Message: You need to connect with people’s emotions so they realize you understand their needs. Part of the expert design is to pick the right images and words that people will relate to and respond to.
  • Color: Designers will use colours that strengthen your overall message, such as using red to show you’re powerful or blue when your product will have a calming effect on a consumer.

In Closing

There’s no reason why your new small business can’t push aside the large, established companies and draw consumers’ attention. But if you want that to happen sooner rather than later, focus on design in your next planning meeting.

Websites are becoming the norm in the modern age.

Nearly everyone has one, and so it’s essential that you get yours right. One of our specialities is in web design – we know how to make modern and responsive sites for the aspiring or well-established business. It’s from years of experience, plus a diverse team of designers that we can produce for you a website that does everything you need it to the first time. 



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