Reach More Customers With Facebook Recommendations

Facebook Recommendations – To Reach UK Businesses

Already rolled out in the US, Facebook are now beginning to roll out recommendations to us here in the UK – Facebook Recommendations is the latest element implemented to improve user experience on Facebook. If you’re a business owner you need to know this as it provides much more of a streamlined opportunity for them to be discovered and engaged with through map features and call to actions(C-T-A’s) As a leading digital agency, we at Vindicta Digital can optimise your digital and social media presence to result in real-life conversions/revenue streams for your business.

As a Business, what should i know?

You need to be aware that  Facebook recommendations update is mainly to be used by personal users – It’s a benefit to them. However, smart businesses can use the new element themselves to gain many benefits too. You’ll notice now that when a user posts a status stating the likes of “Where is a good restaurant to eat in Belfast” or “I need a hairdresser in London for Friday night?”, the Facebook algorithm kicks in – By recognising what the user has posted via the text they use (“What events”, “Where is a good restaurant” etc.), the comments they receive will be optimised for them. So if a Facebook friend recommends a restaurant by commenting on the poster’s status – if that restaurant owns their own Facebook page or is listed with FB; the page will then appear with the comment – Further to this a map will actually generate and show exactly where the business is on it. Super handy if your looking for a quick recommendation.  This is just another reason now to have a great social media presence/well managed Facebook feed in this case.

So how will this new feature help my business?

With this new user element, if your business is mentioned in a comment and it’s now very easy for the potential customer to reach your page all they have to do is click the link that the new algorithm produces.  We all know there is a lot of power behind online presence, recommendations and testimonials.  Having been recommended by a friend of the potential customer in the first instance, of course is going to provide a positive first introduction to your business.  Follow this up with having a credible, professional and well managed Facebook page and you could be on to a winner.  On your Facebook page you can add the call now, shop now, book now call-to-action’s.  This means the potential conversion/buying journey for your customer is a short but well managed one.

Facebook now works with Fandango and BookingBug.  This means that the C-T-A (Call to action) can now be linked to your website or a landing page for further conversion optimisation.  Call to actions can even take place by automatically transferring to the Facebook Messenger app for instant chat with a staff member.


In a Nutshell:

This new element makes life easier for people seeking recommendations.  We ourselves have found the benefit of it by landing new clients through people recommending us on status’s such as “can anyone recommend a web designer in belfast?”  Or can anyone recommend an SEO company in Belfast or London.”   Businesses with weak or incorrect information on their Facebook pages will completely miss out on this opportunity being given to them.  We here at Vindicta can update your page and create a Call to Action button that will be positioned on the maps and integrated with your website.

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