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Researching your Target Audience

Are you looking for a quick assessment of your web performance and possible solutions to guide your marketing actions for the weeks and months ahead? During your One-on-One consulting session, you can ask our team anything, from digital marketing advice, digital marketing strategies, to specific industry issues concerning your business.

  • Growth Hacking
  • Digital Transformation
  • Digital Product Design
  • Digital Innovation
  • Coaching & Workshops

What is One-on-One Consulting?

A one-on-one consulting is a private, one-off consultancy session, carried out remotely or in person. During 90 minutes, our team of experts is at your your disposal to answer all of your questions. Should you choose to hire our services, the £250 consulting fee will be waived. Here are some suggested topics that lend themselves to a one-on-one meeting:

  • The effectiveness of your marketing strategy both online and offline: which tools to prioritise and why?
  • Should my organisation invest in social media?
  • We have a Page on Facebook but there isn’t much engagement… how can we spark the conversation and optimise our investments in time and money?
  • Should we dismiss traditional marketing and invest more into digital tactics? How can we measure efforts and ROI?
  • Is my website optimal? What should the priorities be for a better performance?
  • Or more technical questions related to your content management on your blog, Facebook, Twitter or on specific website pages, for example.

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