Facebook Introduces New Ways for Businesses to Communicate with Customers

Facebook will soon be rolling out two new ways for businesses to communicate with customers via messaging and groups.Receive Instagram DMs in Facebook MessengerFacebook is going to make it possible for businesses to receive and respond to customer messages using the same service.Instagram direct messages will be integrated with the Facebook page inbox. So DMs

Google: PageSpeed Insights Score Can Change Regardless of Changes to a Site

Google’s John Mueller has advised that the PageSpeed Insights score can change without any changes being made to a website.This information was provided on Twitter in response to an SEO who questioned Mueller about a fluctuation in PageSpeed score.Mueller says these scores are not physical measurements and may change over time whether or not the

Top 10 User Engagement KPIs to Measure

In today’s low-attention economy, site engagement can be considered an indicator of your website’s success.Content engagement metrics are important because they show how your content strategy aligns with user interest.Furthermore, customer engagement is related with overall profitability, as engaged users are more likely to buy, become repeat customers, and share the product/service with other people.Before