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SEO is the art of ranking efficiently on google.  SEO as a strategy helps your website appear above other websites that are selling or offering the same products/services on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

SEO predominately is the art of working with organic search results, that is the natural Google listings that appear on the first page of Google when you search for a product, service or in fact anything on Google.  These listings typically receive the bulk of traffic.  Especially the ones at the top.

Whether you want to target the city of Belfast with your SEO campaign or want to dominate countries all over the world.  We can deliver extraordinary results for your business.  We have done for the last four years for companies across the globe and won a few awards whilst doing it.  

In 2019 we helped generate over £18.5 million in revenue for SEO clients across the UK, Ireland and the rest of the world.  We will by far surpass this by the end of 2020.

“We have seen an increase of 10x revenues on average for our clients in 2020.”

We pride ourselves on our innovative and transparent approach to SEO –  Not only do we deliver extremely efficient results to our clients but we also offer analytics, reporting and more all via our SEO analytics hub.

Whether you want to expand your business globally, across Northern Ireland or just across the city of Belfast you will need to be found by as many prospective clients as possible.

We currently boast an impressive array of SEO clients, varied in their industries and specialties.  All of our clients have the same goal in common and that is total domination of their market/industries online.

We are selective about who we work with and will only work with the businesses we know we can help deliver extraordinary SEO results with. 

We do this by putting your brand right in front of the potential customers who are already looking for what you’ve got to offer. In the year 2020, SEO has never been more important.  Being on on the top of search engine results pages for your targeted key phrases, services and/or products could mean the difference between millions of lost and gained revenues.


Real SEO Time Reporting

We offer real time SEO Reporting Software as standard to all of our Belfast SEO clients.

We understand that not everybody is as tech literate as we are and does not have access to the hundreds of softwares available to monitor and track everything.  That’s why we devised our own bespoke dashboard.

Our dashboard is well known across the Country and mainland UK for it’s effectiveness at monitoring your digital efforts and it’s sleek usability. We offer our Vindicta Dashboard as a stand-alone product but will enable an account for every SEO customer completely free of charge.

Many of our clients have marketing departments consisting of at least 10 individual staff members.  Before using our SEO reporting software, meetings were messy and a huge task to prepare due to the vast variety of reports needing to be compiled and presented.  From SEO to Social Media to Website Metrics and more.

Our dashboard has solved that issue with one interactive location for everything.

With our dashboard you can log in and set up your SEO monitoring and reporting widgets for your business within minutes.

Belfast SEO Reporting Audit and Tool

At Vindicta our Belfast SEO team will create a strategic Internet marketing strategy and plan around SEO, website design , paid search (pay per click advertising), social media marketing and online sales .


“Over £18M Generated In On-Line Revenue For Clients In 2019.”

We are recognised throughout Belfast, Northern Ireland and the UK as a leading SEO Agency.  

A bit more about us:

Vindicta Digital are a multi award winning Digital Agency specialising in all elements of Search Engine Optimization ( SEO) – We Provide to our clients a high end product that consists of bespoke building, coding and developing. We work and provide a number of businesses in the Belfast and surrounding areas –  with a new website and digital strategy that works and get’s real business results.

All of our website’s developed come complete with SEO modules in our websites that help Google to pick up your website straight away and help you rank well amongst other companies in Belfast.

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Key Points of Belfast SEO

Vindicta Digital - A Leading SEO Company in Belfast

Search engine optimization improves your rankings on popular search engines by building traffic on your website and helping your business to achieve success. SEO is an internet marketing strategy that enhances your online visibility by staying on top of search engines. Vindicta is one of the top SEO Belfast companies that help businesses grow by providing professional services related to SEO in Belfast. We have a team of highly skilled SEO experts in Belfast that ensure your business website always stays on top search engines.

Professional and Affordable SEO Services in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Vindicta is the perfect place to get professional SEO services in Belfast and Northern Ireland. Our targeted and effective SEO campaigns help increase website traffic, encourage customer interactions and eventually help boost sales. We guarantee results beyond expectations. As a leading SEO company in Belfast, our skillful SEO team is determined to get your brand recognized on search engines. We carefully assess the requirements of our clients and provide the best results as we prefer quality over quantity.

Increase Your Website Traffic with Our SEO Belfast Services

The objective of an effective SEO campaign is to determine the keywords that your customers will use to search for your products or services. Keeping this in mind, our professional approach and transparent strategical approach result in progressive increment in sustainable traffic to your website. SEO  is not an easy task, it is considered to be a long-term business strategy, however once done properly, it can have and company’s bottom-line. For SEO in Belfast, you can choose Vindicta Digital that has a qualified SEO team, providing solutions to rank your website high on Google Rankings.

Let Our SEO Professionals Handle Your Website

Our SEO Belfast professionals consider a number of comprehensive strategies that are counterproductive. From keyword research to the competitor’s analysis, Vindicta Digital keep an eye on all elements of SEO. Being the best SEO Belfast company in Belfast, Northern Ireland we know all the regional search patterns and implement strategies to enhance your site’s visibility. Once the keywords are finalized according to the content, it is time for our SEO specialists to start building links for your site to build maximum traffic. Building links is no easy science, there is no formula to put in, it is an art which takes years to stand out, and we are proud to be the leading SEO Belfast specialists.