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Cuba Clothing


Cuba Clothing had been previously working with an SEO company.  They did not achieve the desired ranking nor results as they were focusing on extremely high competition search terms which were delivering little volumes of traffic.  Not Ideal. Our job was to come in and re-develop their trust in the amazing service of SEO.  We started working on their SEO and after great success a new challenge cropped up, Cuba Clothing wanted to re-develop their clunky E-Commerce Magento website.  Our new challenge was to design and develop a completely new modern, gorgeous website from the ground up without affecting all of the succesful SEO work we already done to the website at this point.


  • Brand new Magento, E Commerce website
  • Integration of Social Channels
  • Ranking increments for core products and brands
  • Targeted organic traffic increase to the website
  • Drive more sales and revenue through website
  • Allow editing for client
  • Integrate a translation system for global sales
  • Integrate a automatic currency system for global sales

We delivered:

  • Created a beautiful Magento Ecommerce website - completely bespoke to our client
  • Very successful on-going SEO Campaign - Ranking 1st page, Position 1 for most brands
  • Ranking higher than the brands own websites for many product offering
  • Over 130 Product Sales in 48 Hours
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