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Landlord Direct Lets

Landlord Direct Lets are a leading student and professional lets business servicing every area of the city of Leeds. The client approached us with the intent of freshening up their overall brand and online presence. Their old website was quite dated and contained only basic information. They could not showcase properties nor did it reflect how much of an effective business they actually are. We took our time to learn of the clients business goals, ethos and projections. We re-designed their branding to represent their business more accurately. This included Logo Design, Socials and Artwork. Whilst working on the clients branding and creating brand guidelines for the Leeds based company we had begun the development of their stunning new website. The Landlord Direct Lets website lets the client not only represents their new brand and business online but also lets them add properties to showcase at will. The website has been developed to be just as functional as it is user friendly. We installed a variety of relevant plug ins to allow the client to operate this website as an online estate agency. They can add properties, galleries, contact forms, information, videos, walk throughs and much more. The website allows registration of potential customers who can favourite properties for viewing later by simply logging into their new account. This website has been built with SEO in mind. We are super pleased to have partnered with Landlord Direct Lets as their marketing partner and look forward to working with them over the upcoming years. We will now be switching our focus to SEO and Google adwords targeting Leeds City.

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