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Branding is never about just visual perception or only verbal messages. Branding is about the whole feeling and image people get when they hear the name of a company or come across its brand identity.  So, designing the graphics, icons and symbols which make a brand recognisable and ensuring the correct message is delivered to all – is a job with great responsibility.

We have already published case studies with the stories of creating logos and brand identity concepts at the early stages of their business path.

However, this time the story will have another flavor as we are presenting you the case of a new logo design and brand guidelines for a subsidiary of a company that is already recognised and actively operating on the market.

The task was to create a new brand identity not breaking already gained links and associations. Our graphic designer Aled led this project and developed a strong, modern design that is easily linked to the clients main brand, Chambers Insurance.

  • Logo Design
  • Brand Guide Lines
  • Copy
  • General Branding
  • Colours
  • Brand Design Around Subsidary