Mistakes to Avoid in Your Brand’s Social Media Posts

Mistakes to Avoid in Your Brand’s Social Media Posts

When it comes to building an online social media presence for your brand it can be hard work. It can take many hours to build up your following and establish a presence that works for you. However, this can all be destroyed easily with a couple of badly thought-out posts or interactions. Whether this a rant at a customer, a badly spelt post, or just death by hashtag it can be really easy to get it wrong. So please avoid the following mistakes.

Go Off-Brand

Whether you are posting something silly, or something serious it must always reflect your brand’s tone and voice. It can be hard to keep on message sometimes so it will help if you create a brand guideline document that you can refer to when posting. You then can be consistent with how you come across to your viewers. 

Discussion of Controversial Topics

Whilst certain big debates can be in all the headlines and grabbing attention this is normally because they are very divisive topics. You want to make sure that you steer clear of things like politics and religion as it can get you into hot water very quickly. Posts on these topics will tend to either alienate or offend one segment of your market, so it is best to remain as neutral as possible. 

Bad Spelling, Punctuation or Grammar

If any of these things show up in your posts then it is likely to make you look unprofessional. It will also give you the appearance that you just don’t care. If you can’t spend the time to make sure that your post is the best that it can be then you shouldn’t post it at all. Always make sure you proofread before posting, and if possible, get a co-worker to double-check it as well.

Not Thinking Your Post Through

Even the big boys can do this one. You need to think through exactly what message your post is sending. What might seem clever or quirky to you can quickly backfire if it is not understood by the audience. You need to think whether your post can be misinterpreted or misconstrued. If there is a possibility that anyone could take your post the wrong way, then you can guarantee that someone will do just that.

Not Doing Your Research

If you only post generic posts and schedule these to be done automatically then your audience will be able to tell. They want to see the human side of your brand. So, posts about things that are current and happening on that day will appear a lot more human. Make your audience know that you are there.

Not Reviewing Scheduled Posts

The world of social media and news in general moves fast. So, related to the above point. Always check scheduled posts. Something might happen during the day that makes people react to your post differently. If a major event is going off and your post touches on it then you want to be careful how it is received. 

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