Technical Content Writing vs Technical Writing

English can be a funny language at times. The addition of a single word can change the meaning of a phrase or sentence.

This is true of technical content writing and technical writing. The end products are very different even though you need a lot of the same skills and they end up crossing-paths often. So, it is easy to get confused.

Technical Content Writing For SEO

This is the art of writing content about technical matters. These pieces of writing are normally done with specific goals in mind.

These could be things like to drive sales or to introduce new customers to the product or piece of technology. As such technical content writings need to be masters content optimisation. This naturally includes an ability to use optimised keywords in their content. This is to help drive visibility of the article through the use of SEO or an SEO Agency.

They need to write with a specific target audience in mind and gear their content piece to speak to that market segment exactly. This is because when it comes to technical content then there are always going to be a lot of articles competing for attention. So, optimisation is key.

Technical Writing

Technical writing, on the other hand, is all about taking complex technical concepts and presenting them in a simplified way for their audience. A great example of technical writing are things like product documentation, how-to guides, manuals and other information pieces. Regardless of the end product the writer is taking these complex processes, breaking down and the passing on the ideas and concepts in a format that is easy for the audience to understand and digest. This won’t necessarily be the most attention-grabbing of content, but it will inform the audience about what they want to know.

Different Tools

One easy way of understanding the difference between the two is to think about say about a car.

A piece of technical writing will explain things like how to open the door, start the car, use the indicators etc. This would be the car manual. A technical content piece about the car might discuss the legalities of self-driving cars, or whether the use of speed cameras is a good idea.

There are still similarities between the two concepts.

The writer in both cases is going to be required to have done research and to understand the concept completely. They are going to need to be able to convey their concepts and ideas and a clear and simple format that will assist the reader.

However, the end goals are different. The technical writer is looking to help the reader accomplish a specific task. Whereas the Technical Content Writer is looking to help the reader understand an idea or concept.

The Same but Different

It can easily be seen that there is a lot of overlap between the two and they should be considered as complementary disciplines. Technical Content Writers may need to tap into a wide knowledge base, and technical writers may need an in-depth understanding of the subject matter.