Reasons To Use Interactive Video Marketing

Reasons To Use Interactive Video Marketing

What Is the Definition of Interactive Content Marketing?

In contrast to regular video, interactive video encourages viewer engagement. 

Linear video models have been available for a long time; simply connect and play, and the video remains constant. The viewer might go back and watch it again, provide a time stamp, and embed it. That was the extent of its technological prowess.

The viewer can choose the next set of activities in an interactive video. For example, a user can interact with the material during an interactive movie by clicking on a ‘hotspot,’ which subsequently performs an action like moving to another area of the film or displaying information.

In essence, interactive video provides the user control by allowing them to steer the story in the direction they like. Deloitte, Asos, and Disney have already used some of the most inventive interactive videos we’ve seen.

Take a look at Honda’s interactive video demonstration. Their ‘The Other Side’ film promotes their Civic Type R by telling the narrative of a regular person who has an exciting double life:

View the video here.

Here are the top reasons why digital agencies are jumping on interactive video as marketers follow suit, ready to grab consumers with this immersive form of media.

Reasons To Use Interactive Video Marketing

The Advantages of Interactive Video Marketing

Interactivity Encourages Participation 

We don’t need to tell you that customer attention spans are the shortest they’ve ever been. Keeping your audience’s attention long enough to see a conversion might be one of the most difficult fights a content marketer faces today.

The Viewer is Prioritised in Interactive Video Marketing

One of the primary goals of engaging with a video is to keep the viewer in control. Control increases relevance for the viewer, motivating them to perform particular actions within their journey, resulting in more effective video content.

Many businesses have identified that video viewers want to be able to go around a video and access material that is relevant to them, cutting through the noise. Marketers also know that consumers increasingly want more personalisation as part of their purchasing experience.

The Most Popular Option For A Reason

According to research, 78% of online users view videos at least once a week, and 55% watch them every day. Video has emerged as a popular tool for digital firms to employ in their content marketing campaigns.

Brands are generating more compelling ways to convey their narrative, explain their value, educate their viewers, and establish consumer connections that will last today and in the future, thanks to some of the most inventive interactive videos available.

Reasons To Use Interactive Video Marketing

Video content is what your consumers want to watch, which is why it is growing in popularity. According to research, 54% of customers prefer to view brand videos above other sorts of material (such as email, social photos, and even blog posts).

We truly believe that interactive video is one fo the best tools in your marketing toolbox, so get out there and start creating!

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