How can your business benefit from PPC?


Every business wishes to penetrate the online market quickly and reap the rewards, and it’s a bonus if you can do so with a low-cost and high impact strategy. Search engines are full of competitors and it’s a fight to stand out among lists of pages. While SEO requires making small changes to your website at no cost to appear in organic search results, businesses can also use Pay per click advertising (PPC) if they wish to go that bit further.

What is PPC?

PPC is a form of advertising which enables you to bid for a place to show your ads next to searches on platforms such as Google Ads, however, you only pay a small fee when someone clicks on your ads, hence the name ‘pay per click’. These ads display your business above organic search results and also to a wider audience, which can be altered at any time if you wish to target a certain demographic. This is a great advertising method for a business who want to control their budget and performance and may not have the time to constantly make SEO changes. 


What are the benefits of PPC?


PPC enables you to take control of your budget so if you want to start small, go for it, as you can always increase your spend if you receive positive results. The same goes for if you wish to take a break, you can simply pause your ads and stop spending right away. Technically, your business will save money as you are only paying every time someone clicks on your ad so you’re getting your money’s worth. 

Choose who you target 

Using Pay Per Click advertising enables you to specifically target your customers by age, location, and interests, so your ads are only shown to people who are relevant to your business, which increases the chance of receiving clicks. For example, local businesses that target their audience geographically through PPC increase in-store visits by 107%. PPC also feeds back these metrics when you receive interactions as well as what platforms they are using, which means you can use this data to inform future targeting. This form of advertising also enables you to retarget customers who came close to purchasing your product but didn’t follow through, through the use of display ads. This can be effective if the customer perhaps needed more time to make a decision as it keeps your brand at the forefront of their mind. 

 Fast results

SEO is necessary for achieving long-term goals however, it can take quite some time and effort to see results. PPC advertising can be used as well as SEO, as placements are ready to use therefore results can sometimes be seen instantly. Our Liverpool SEO experts are able to use PPC keyword data to determine the client’s SEO strategies, so it’s a win-win situation! 


PPC advertising run through Google Ads provides an easy method to measure and track your ads performance when used in combination with Google Analytics. You have access to data such as impressions, clicks, and conversions based on your goals, which can help inform future decisions within your marketing strategy. PPC enables you to see your return on investment so you know how your budget is being spent. 


Are you unfamiliar with PPC and Google Ads? Our paid ad experts are Google certified which means they know the best way to utilise your budget effectively to reach your goals. Our team will spend time understanding your business and products to develop a successful campaign. Get in touch today! 

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