Why Should Your Business Be On YouTube?


YouTube isn’t just for makeup tutorials, travel vlogs or cooking tutorials. YouTube is filled with billions of videos on absolutely anything, and there is an audience for every niche! CEO of Vindicta Digital, James Blake, has recently launched his own YouTube Channel where he will be sharing tips on business, digital marketing and entrepreneurship. James stepped out of his comfort zone and in front of the camera because YouTube has so many opportunities for businesses out there. Here are some reasons why you should kickstart your own channel.

Business on YouTube - VINDICTA Digital

1. Video streaming is very popular

YouTube is the second most visited website in the world, which puts into perspective how popular it actually is. On top of that, viewers aged 18 and overspend on average 41.9 minutes a day on YouTube – so think of how many people you have the potential to reach! With the rise in video content such as Netflix and TikTok, YouTube is not going anywhere.

2. Increase your visibility on Google search

Videos are blended among search results on Google and even have their own tab to make them easier to find. Businesses can take advantage of this within their SEO strategy as it increases the chances of building backlinks to your website. This can also increase the authority of your website and therefore, enhance your overall ranking position!

2. A range of audiences

Creating engaging and relevant content will open your business up to new audience members. You might be thinking that you will find the same people on social media, however, people who predominately prefer video content are engulfed in YouTube! There are more than 2 billion users logged in monthly, and that doesn’t even account for people who watch content without an account. YouTube users also don’t have an age limit. From teenagers to the elderly, you are guaranteed to find your niche on there.

3. Showcase your personality

Expressing your personality finds no better medium than video. Akin to direct interaction, it’s a potent tool. Leverage this advantage. While social media conveys tone and identity through words and images, video on platforms like YouTube allows you to exhibit skills, expertise, and an alternative facet of your enterprise. Seamlessly blending information and charisma, videos carve a unique path for your business to connect deeply with your audience.

4. Advertising

There are various ways in which businesses can advertise on YouTube. From skippable ads to bumper ads, Google has explained them perfectly here. According to Hootsuite, YouTube ads targeted by intent have 100% higher lift in purchase intent than those targeted by demographics. They also have a 32% higher lift in ad recall therefore, YouTube ads are a great way to get consumers thinking about your business.

Are you convinced yet?

As a business, start by finding your niche and ask – what can you offer? The possibilities are endless. Make sure to check out CEO James Blake’s YouTube channel and subscribe as he launches his series of ‘Overrated VS Underrated’ discussing all things tech, business and marketing.

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