Video Production: A Glimpse into the Evolution from 20 Years Ago to Today

Video Production Now vs 20 Years Ago

Lights, camera, action! The world of video production for business has come a long way in the past 20 years. From bulky camcorders to sleek digital cameras and from labour-intensive editing processes to streamlined software tools, the industry has undergone a remarkable evolution. In this blog post, we’ll take you on a journey down memory lane as we compare video production practices of the past with the modern techniques of today. 

The Evolution of Equipment and Technology

Cameras and Recording Devices

The clunky videorecorders of the past were like carrying a small weightlifting session on your shoulder. They were heavy, inconvenient, and required physical effort just to capture a few moments of video. But as technology advanced, digital cameras entered the scene, transforming the landscape of video production. These sleek wonders of modern engineering are lightweight, portable, and produce a crystal-clear resolution that puts their predecessors to shame.

Editing and Post-Production Tools: Cutting Out the Hassle

Gone are the days of linear editing, where editing on analogue tapes involved a tedious dance of tangling wires and battling the limitations of physical media. Enter non-linear editing software, the magical solution that allows us to cut, paste, and rearrange footage with a few clicks. Editing has become a breeze, enabling us to bring our creative visions to life without the tape-related headaches of the past.

Video Production Now vs 20 Years Ago

Production Techniques: Then and Now

Pre-production Process: Planning Made Easy

In the old days, pre-production involved painstakingly sketching out storyboards and manually planning every detail. Stick figures were the artists’ tool of choice, resulting in amusingly questionable visual representations. But now, digital tools have revolutionised project management, making the process more efficient and less reliant on questionable artistic skills. 

On-set Practices: Lights, Camera, More Takes!

Back in the days of shooting on film, every take had to be meticulously planned and executed. With limited film stock, there was no room for mistakes. The pressure was on, and the anticipation of waiting for the developed footage added an extra layer of stress. Fast forward to today, when digital shooting has changed the game. We can take as many takes as we need without worrying about wasting film or breaking the budget. The freedom to experiment and capture the perfect shot during a video production has never been greater.

Post-production Workflow: From Manual to Digital Wizardry

Editing on analogue tapes was a true labour of love, involving cutting and splicing footage with scissors and tape. It was a painstaking process that required precision and patience. But with the advent of digital editing, colour grading, and visual effects, we now have powerful software at our fingertips that transforms editing into a digital playground. We can manipulate footage, add effects, and enhance visuals with just a few clicks. The magic of post-production has become more accessible and enjoyable than ever before.

Video Production Now vs 20 Years Ago

Impact on Branding and Marketing Strategies

The perception of brand quality has undergone a significant transformation with the evolution of video production. In the past, home video vibes were often associated with amateurishness, while professional production was limited to big-budget Hollywood productions. However, the rise of high-quality visuals and accessible production tools has levelled the playing field. Businesses can now create visually stunning videos that rival those of the big players, elevating their brand image and perception.

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