5 Tips For Moving Your Business Online


If the last year hasn’t given you the push to move your business online, then take this article as some motivation to kickstart your transition! There’s no denying that a face-to-face business setting is better than online in terms of building relationships. However, this is still possible with an E-Commerce website and there are various ways to reach more customers than you probably think. So here is how to get started.

1. Invest in an E-Commerce website

Setting up your first E-Commerce website can seem daunting, and sometimes it is. If you want the process to run smoothly and ensure your money gets results, it can be worth hiring some help. E-Commerce websites are a great investment for offering online shopping which will provide 24/7 sales and reach a new audience. Vindicta Digital have extensive experience in implementing effective E-Commerce solutions for clients that provide a pleasant and efficient experience for customers online. Our experts can guide you in the right direction no matter what size your business or budget is.


2. Design

The design of your website is just as important as every other feature. You want to ensure your website not only reflects your brand but is easy for customers to navigate. It’s worth considering how you can get customers to the checkout in a pleasant and efficient way, as this will affect your conversion rate. Also, don’t forget to add links to your social media, promote your email newsletter (if you have one) and showcase your products or services.

3. Use SEO tools

So, your existing customers will use your online website to make purchases. However, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can help you reach beyond that and expand your business. Boost your search engine rankings by implementing keywords your target audience is searching for. Google’s free keyword planner is a great starting point to discover this kind of data. Once you have determined your keywords, start creating content around these and using them throughout your website to improve your rankings!

4. Set up secure online payments

In order to sell your product or service online, you need to be able to take payments securely from your customers. This reassures their trust in your website if they are providing confidential payment details. There are multiple payment methods available for E-Commerce websites however, some platforms even come with ‘all-in-one’ packages that can save time and money. For example, Shopify uses its own integrated system ‘Shopify Payments’, which once approved, enables you to accept various payments such as credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

5. Use social media to promote

Assuming you are already on social media, these platforms and your website can work hand in hand. Once you launch your website, make sure to promote it through social media so your current audience can make use of it. Make use of swipe up links on Instagram stories, tag your products and create eye-catching product alert posts for your feed which will also drive traffic to your site.

Are you ready to move your business online?

Our digital marketing experts are waiting to guide you through the E-Commerce process. We can develop a website that suits your business needs and goals and will see a return on investment. There is no better time like the present, so get in touch!

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