E-Commerce Website: Improve Your Business With New Sales Opportunities


Starting an E-Commerce business is never easy.

Running a successful one even less so.

Though there’s no shortage of tips and tricks on strengthening E-Commerce sales, most will turn out to be irrelevant if you don’t have the right strategies in place to support them.

” People should not be unfamiliar with strategy. Those who understand it will survive and those who do not will perish ” Sun Tzu.

The key goal of any business regardless of their size is to increase online sales. Whether you run a small retail business or are employed by an E-Commerce giant like Amazon or eBay, boosting sales through online channels takes the same level of effort and dedication.

Here are ten tips you can try today to win more customers and boost your E-Commerce revenues:


1. Start a remarketing campaign

Remarketing is an effective way to win customers because the people you are advertising to already know who you are. They have also shown interest in your products or services, having previously visited your site. They must have been there for a reason. Perhaps they bought something from you in the past?

Some of the ways in which you can use remarketing are to:

  • cross-sell based on the products or services customers have already bought from you
  • grab people who abandoned their shopping cart on your site
  • remind people, just at the right time, before they are likely to run out of products they’ve purchased from you in the past

If you shop online, there is a high possibility that you have witnessed one of the above at least once on your online shopping journey.

The most popular remarketing channels are Google Ads (including YouTube), Facebook Advertising and Instagram Advertising. Remarketing pixels identify which potential customers to target, so, don’t waste any more time. Choose a digital marketing agency like Vindicta Digital who will be able to keep you on top of your competitors and research the best E-Commerce system that provides the speed of access and peak usability for your consumer, so that you can offer a wide range of services efficiently.


2. Be wary of slow-selling items

Products that are slow to shift cut down the cash flow and decelerate a business’s development. As a result, it’s necessary to have closeout sales. Providing these discounts helps you sell out and attract new customers at the same time.

3. Make your E-Commerce website mobile friendly

For today’s buyer, it is essential to create a great mobile experience. We can never stress enough the importance of a mobile-friendly website. For today’s buyer, it is essential to create a great mobile experience. A majority of your customers and prospects browse your e-commerce website through a mobile device.

Here are a few things worth to consider:

  • Make your site responsive
  • Make sure your site loads quick
  • Optimize your mobile site and improve site search
  • Simplify the checkout process

Another thing worth checking out can be an implementation of Instagram Shopping.

Two years ago, Instagram made it possible to “shop” posts on your Insta feed. If you follow a brand like Zara, you might see a post showcasing a new shirt—part branded content, part advertisement—with a tag that shows the item name and pricing. Instagram also introduced a dedicated space for shopping through the Explore page.

Innovation is always the key. If you’re not familiar with Instagram Shopping, it’s a terrific opportunity to scale your sales through social channels. If your product is a good fit with Instagram’s core audience profile of 18-34 years, or you use influencer marketing, you need to try it.


4. Add a live chat

By using a live chat, you are giving an opportunity for your customers to ask questions or express any concerns before making any final decision on the product. Thus increasing your conversion rate and creating a great shopping experience for your brand.

There are many reasons customers appreciate live chat, and time is also one of them. Customers don’t waste hours and hours waiting to hear back from your brand via email, instead, they get an instant reply.

5.Think outside the box

Before starting implementing the new processes, make sure the service you currently offer is as good as it could be. Don’t just do what all of your competitors do. Start innovating. Here are some ideas you can try out;

  • improve your returns policy
  • offer a loyalty programme
  • start to promote your products in email newsletters
  • improve your fulfilment and delivery offering ( faster shipping, better product handling )

An effective way of coming up with ideas to innovate is by analysing all your current data. What products are selling well? Who is buying them? What specifically brings these high-value customers to your site? The clues are easy to be found in numbers.

For instance, can you offer customers free shipping?

If your business doesn’t offer a free shipping option for your customers, it’s time to add one.


6. Promote customer reviews and build trust

Social media has added a new dimension to people’s lives. Whether you’re buying a new smartphone or trying to find a restaurant for dinner, the first place people go is always online.

Customer feedback can make or break your sales. Positive reviews from happy customers help you gain the trust of potential customers. Negative reviews help you gain experience, providing vital information on issues to address within your business.

Be sure to encourage customers to share how they found your services.

7. Automate your email marketing

Automation is essential for boosting your email marketing. Using pre-set triggers allows you to send hyper-relevant and timely messages seamlessly, delighting your subscribers.

It’s well worth the effort to be more proactive and automate your email marketing campaigns for a smoother and more effective process. For instance, if a customer abandons his cart, an email can encourage him to revisit the site and complete the transaction.

Sending emails to cart abandoners is only made possible through automating your email marketing. Manually sending emails is incredibly time-consuming. Once you automate your email marketing, as soon as someone trips an online trigger, the email goes out.


8. Make an E-Commerce site with great content

Before, people created e-commerce sites based on the latest technologies. But now, technology has been replaced by emotions. Ecommerce sites make use of content rather than spending on high-end technology. The content is highly accessible, offering valuable takeaways.

Try creating jargon-free content talking about your journey, what you believe in, and the story of products you sell or services you provide.

9. Don’t force shoppers to create a profile (but encourage it)

The goal should be for buyers to go through the checkout process as quickly as possible with eliminating useless steps in their customer journey.

That’s why you need to offer a guest checkout option instead of forcing visitors to create a profile. That said, you can still encourage them to create a profile and signed up for the newsletter.

Subtle features like the express check out available only to people who say sign up to your website can encourage profile sign-ups without being annoying or putting too much pressure on the customer.

10. Accept as many payment options as possible

You can’t assume everyone is an owner of a MasterCard or Visa.

Even if other credit card companies charge higher merchant transaction fees, you still need to take other cards like Discover and American Express.

Your e-commerce site also needs to accept alternative payment options such as PayPal and Apple Pay.



Please, don’t forget that your website will give the first impression of your business to your clients therefore, it is essential that it is well-designed and easy to use for the clients.

If your business sells tangible products, you need to have a strong online presence. But with so much competition in the e-commerce space, it can be tough for you to establish your ground. Fortunately, you can do many things to improve your chances of driving sales and keeping your customers coming back for more.


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