5 Surprisingly Effective Facebook Ad Targeting Strategies 

5 Surprisingly Effective Facebook Ad Targeting Strategies 

On Facebook, you can target audiences using a variety of ad types and dozens of ad targeting factors. Mastering your Facebook ad targeting approach puts you in front of extremely targeted and often motivated portions of your audience on the network. Here are some insanely effective Facebook ad-targeting tactics you’ve probably never heard of.

3 insanely effective Facebook ad targeting methods

Consider these inventive Facebook targeting options:

1. Take advantage of current purchase trends among Facebook members

Early on, advertising analysts criticised Facebook as a great place to hang out but a network with no business goal or promise for customer data. That changed in early 2013, when Facebook formed alliances with data brokers like Epsilon, Acxiom, and Datalogix.

Each year, these firms have access to billions of data exchanges. According to Acxiom officials, its database holds information on 500 million active consumers globally, with an average of 1,500 data points per individual.

5 Surprisingly Effective Facebook Ad Targeting Strategies 

Facebook suddenly knew a lot more about you than whether you spent more time playing Farmville or Candy Crush Saga. Are you getting married soon? Do you use hypertension medication? Do you enjoy reading murder mysteries? Facebook is very likely aware of these little details.

This lets advertisers reach beyond their CRM datasets and tap into insights acquired from various consumer loyalty programs linked to individual user profiles. Facebook marketers use this data to target audience groupings based on hundreds of various purchase behaviours.

2. Be inventive in your life event targeting

Certain companies or campaigns are centred on selling to people who are going through important life events. Funeral houses, for example, clearly want to connect with those who are arranging a funeral, are terminally ill, or have lost/are about to lose a loved one. If you’ve recently acquired a new home or flat, moving companies want to be the first to contact you. Wedding photographers target newly engaged couples.

Because we prefer to share them on our timelines, Facebook provides pretty much every imaginable life event targeting option. (Also, weather-based targeting is now accessible on Facebook!)

5 Surprisingly Effective Facebook Ad Targeting Strategies 

3. Use Facebook custom audiences to nurture leads and create loyalty

Facebook Custom Audiences is a complex tool that allows you to connect with existing connections on Facebook. Getting in front of your customers and app users on their preferred social network not only promotes your brand but also allows you to enhance lifetime customer value, order frequency, and loyalty.

This also works in the opposite direction: by removing your existing client list, you can boost the efficacy of your advertising and reduce wasted clicks. There’s no reason to show a free trial to loyal customers if you’re offering one to new users.

The most effective Facebook ad targeting approach is diverse and thorough.

You don’t have to choose just one of the above recommendations when developing your Facebook advertising targeting plan; consider them all and see how they can match your target market categories.

Create personas for your ideal consumers – who are they, and what do they want? Where do they call home? What do they do for a living, and what do they do for fun? What features and attributes may they possess, and how do those match up with the numerous targeted elements stated above?

Identifying who you want to reach will lead you to the most effective Facebook ad-targeting tools and strategies for reaching them. 

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