All about E-A-T and its Importance for SEO


Back in 2014, leaked Google discussions mentioned EAT for the first time – but what is it, what does it do for your business, and how can you make sure you are EAT compliant? You can read this guide, that’s how. 

Join us as we take a more in-depth look at EAT and what it means for SEO in the coming seasons. Does your website tick all the boxes?

Better to find out now than to be left in the dust by your competitors, later in the year.

What is E-A-T?

Manchester SEO firms were some of the first to notice the term E-A-T spring up in Google’s Search Quality Guidelines. The UK have some astounding numbers working in developing Information Technology and this is largely undervalued on a global scale. When EAT was first mentioned it was as a way to guarantee a website’s value and authenticity in Google’s search engines. 

EAT is an abbreviation; but without complying to all three aspects you could soon find your business website in SEO hot water. The three points are Expertise, Authority and Trust. If your business isn’t providing these online then it soon won’t be meeting the Google standard.

Let’s look at each aspect of EAT in detail and find out how they will impact SEO in more detail.

E – Expertise

You need to have the expertise you claim to have for your website to be deemed ‘valuable’. Only valuable content is worthy of ranking in Google listings. Therefore, if you’re not an expert or if you are not writing content that says so; you may well find yourself losing rankings. 

Why are rankings important? The top 2 listings on any given search engine are the two answers/goods/services that get most of the traffic. Some 50% of it, in fact. This means that you need to be an expert in your field to have the most valuable content… easy..?

A – Authority

Do you speak with authority? Are you an authority? Does the quality of engagement with your site make your pages authoritative? What makes you the one people come to for advice? Are you a genuine business or a home crafter? Google will know the difference even if you aren’t sure of the answers yourself…

T – Trustworthiness

Are you trustworthy? Is your brand time-tested and proven? Unfortunately this is one of those situations where only experience can prove your worth. Getting experience will take a leap of faith from someone in the industry that trusts you… it is a genuine Catch 22. 

Building trust can be done with time, persistence, correct grammar and a lot of patience. There isn’t much else to do to help trustworthiness for your site except carrying out your business as you usually do. Assuming you have high standards, these will be visible to Google’s standards team and you should be just fine.

How EAT Impacts SEO

Since SEO is literally the optimisation of your website to rank higher in Google’s (and other search engine’s) lists then there is no doubting that EAT affects it. IF you aren’t meeting the EAT targets then you might be losing rankings. Bad for business; bad for brand recognition – and ultimately bad for you.

To help you with this clients in the UK can take advantage of our specially devised SEO Agency, Manchester. We deal specifically with the Expertise, Authority, and Trust that are needed to push your brand up through those listings. EAT is already eating into your business.

Don’t let it go any further.



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