How to Find a Good SEO Agency in Manchester


How to Find a Good SEO Agency in Manchester

If you are looking to improve your site’s SEO, then you know this is not a straightforward task. Whilst you might have certain skills when it comes to web site design within your organisation, the specific skills that relate to search engine optimisation are not always easy to come by. This is where getting an agency to do the work can be a bonus for you. But when it comes to finding the best agency in Manchester then you need to know what you are looking for, and we are here to help you.

Check What Skills You Require

Not all SEO agencies are created equal. In Manchester, there are a range of different SEO agencies around and the work that they will do for you changes between each one.

Some will do a wide range of service and some will only do a little.

What you need to know are the steps they will undertake for you. The first thing a good agency will do is a keyword analysis for your business and your industry. This will work out what keywords are the most valuable, and which ones you should target for your company. If an agency doesn’t offer to do this for you, then it might not be the right agency for you. This is, of course, something you could undertake yourself and might help you with agency selection.

Content Optimisation

When an agency looks to improve your sites search engine optimisation then it will look to make sure your content is doing the work it needs to do. This doesn’t just mean stuffing your content with keywords to make it pop higher. It is about crafting your content to include these keywords in a natural way. This will cause search engines to rate it much higher than other sites. They will also make sure that your images are labelled and include keywords in both the filenames and the alt tags. This will help make sure your content is highly rated.

References and Backlinks

The other thing that helps to make sure that your site gets highly rated is to have a range of links to other sites from yours. You want to make sure that anytime another business or person is mentioned on your site then a link to that person goes out. This increases the chances that you will get a link back from the target site to yours.

These backlinks are the keys to getting your site highly rated.

The more sites that link to yours the better that Google and/or Bing will view your site as reputable. Special care needs to be taken when selecting your Manchester SEO agency, as some agencies are just ‘backlink factories’ they will just generate hundreds of backlinks to your site from all sorts of sites that are created just to generate backlinks. Therefore you want to know the difference from a link from a site link and a link from 

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