Okay, so in the past, we prepared this Working From Home/Remotely – Help Guide but how does this work after already working from home for quite some time now? Do you feel like you are still achieving your maximum productivity?

If so, congratulations!

Working from home certainly comes with a lot of challenges and organizing your work schedule should be at the top of your to-do list.

It’s a simple activity, but you will be surprised at the massive business wins you will see when you restructure your day to increase your productivity.

Make no mistake, this is not just about organizing your calendar of meetings or starting the day by buying your to-dos, this is about changing up the way that you purposely do things in your business with one big win in sight: optimising your business.

Because when you eliminate time-wasting habits you are on your way to giving yourself back your precious time. The time that you can spend making more improvements across the board.

We are talking about time to improve your business processes, time to spend on your marketing, time to increase your lead generation.

It should all start with the structuring and organising your work schedule the right way.

If you’re struggling to be as productive as you like or would like to be even more productive – try the following:

1: Improve Your Work Schedule

Set yourself up for success, both at the beginning and throughout your business, is paramount to ensuring you continuously hit goals.

In terms of organising your work schedule successfully, there’s no point in implementing new processes or ways of doing things that either don’t work for you, or don’t result in positive outcomes. Otherwise, you’re going to feel defeated and give up – it’s human nature.

So, let’s focus on two practical productivity tips here:

Set Achievable To-Do Lists

Avoid multitasking when it comes to completing important activities. Set one task to do at a time and focus until that task is complete. You will get more done this way.

If you’ve got a large, overwhelming project on your horizon, break it up into small-sized and manageable chunks that you can complete quickly and easily. You will feel more accomplished this way and less likely to procrastinate.


Do The Most Important Work During Your Peak Productive Times

Work out when the most productive hours of your day are and schedule important activities during these hours.

There could be peaks of productivity throughout your day or you could have a zone of uninterrupted time that works best for you.

Consider the natural rhythms of your body and work out when you’re most focused. In the morning after exercise? In the afternoon just before dinner? Or maybe in the evenings after the kids are in bed?

If you can determine when you’re most energetic and focus on your important tasks during that time, then you will feel far more productive at the end of the day and you will have lots of things done.


2: Use a Time-Based Technique To Keep Your Work Schedule Organised

Time-based techniques for managing our tasks are an old trick!

They are also super popular and the internet is flooded with different tips and tricks to help your productivity. To find one that works for you, you really need to either try them out or know what works for you to keep you on track and focussed.

Here’s two for you to consider:

Allocate Concrete Times To Tasks

Knowing how long it takes for you to complete particular tasks is important to structure your work schedule realistically to allow you to achieve your to-do list prepared before.

There are lots of productivity apps and timers available to help you track the time you are spending on tasks. Once you’ve got a good understanding of each task or project, then you can set up your daily schedule to suit what you have on your plate. You can even use the calendar app on your phone, to allocate each task with a chosen time.

This method allows you to identify those tasks that may be taking up too much of your time.


Embrace Delegation

Once you know which tasks are taking up too much of your time – maybe you’re not good at them or you just don’t like them – you will have a better idea of the tasks you can delegate or outsource.

It could be the content marketing you’re spending a lot of time on but not seeing any ROI. Or it could be the time you’re spending on your figures but they’re just not balancing enough.

When you embrace delegation you are giving yourself more time to grow and optimise your business.

Imagine how productive you can be when you have more time in your day? You could streamline digital marketing processes, create new offers, or improve your customer experience. You could undertake a new online course, or even offer a new service!


3: Lastly, schedule your breaks

Without taking adequate breaks from work, employee productivity, mental well-being and overall work performance begin to suffer.

So, yes, organising your work schedule for productivity means giving yourself time away from your desk as well.

Your mind and body need to refresh and revitalise throughout your workday. This could be during meal breaks or during purposefully timed intervals. But regardless of which way you prefer to work, make sure you build in time away as well.


Optimize your business by being more organized

You may not think that reorganizing your work schedule will amount to much, but when you are working in your peak productive times, ticking to-dos off your list, delegating tasks to others, and rewarding yourself with breaks, you are also eliminating opportunities for procrastination.

Which means you’re getting A LOT more done in your day.

Feeling overwhelmed as to what is the first step to take to focus your business optimization goals?

Book in for a Free Digital Marketing Consultation or Audit. We start from where you’re at, what your goals are, and then create and implement plans to achieve your business goals effectively and efficiently.




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