Questions to Ask Your Facebook Ads Agency: Ensuring a Successful Partnership and Effective Advertising Campaigns

Questions to ask your Facebook ads agency

Are you looking for a Facebook ads agency to handle your advertising, or are you just looking for some advice at this new point in your career?

Choosing to outsource your Facebook advertisements feels like a fairly big deal, whether you’re paying £5 a day or £50,000 a day. You’ll free up more time in your schedule, boost the effectiveness of your advertising, and advance significantly in your business with the proper partner.

Even the shadiest agency may paint a fairly nice image if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. Finding the perfect partner agency or consultant isn’t always simple.

Vindicta Digital Marketing Agency has developed the top questions you should ask any potential Facebook ads agency or consultant before you allow them to begin working for you.

Can the Facebook ads agency demonstrate a pattern of success?

Ask if they can provide you with evidence that they have experience working with your particular industry. This is one of the issues that customers frequently ask about before outsourcing Facebook advertisements. Although it seems like an acceptable request, it isn’t on our list – and let us explain why.

The basics of the funnel are the same regardless of the sector or niche you operate in; in reality, the only things that will vary from company to company are the text and the target market.

Now, a savvy advertising firm will be able to collaborate with the client to produce excellent copy and use their own magic to discover the target demographic.

Can the agency share its process or philosophy?

We can’t help but notice trends when we establish several campaigns and deal with numerous different companies; we discover what works and what doesn’t and begin to create our own unique approach or system. 

All agencies aren’t all made equal; it’s critical to enquire about their system and philosophy while interviewing your Facebook ads agency.

Does the agency manage its own Facebook advertisements?

This is perhaps our favourite question, mainly because so many companies and consultants pose as Facebook ad gurus and declare that their own ads are the greatest in the world, but in reality, they don’t run any at all.

This raises the age-old red flags, leaving you to ask why they are marketing a service they do not actually use. Is it possible they struggled to make Facebook advertisements work for them because they weren’t very good at it? Do they just not trust the product, or are they really in it for the money rather than the end results?

In either case, it could be wiser to continue exploring if the Facebook ads agency you’re considering doesn’t put its principles into effect.

You now know the top questions we think will help you avoid the dishonest and ineffective agencies that recently seem to be popping up everywhere. We base these questions on our many encounters Vindicta Digital Marketing Agency works with. 

If you’re considering using a Facebook ads agency, why get in touch with us?

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