Inspirational Stories for Entrepreneurs in 2020: Fuel Your Motivation

New Year has arrived, in fact, we are nearly through the end of its first month…

Where has the time gone, right?

People are (hopefully) still pursuing their New Year’s resolutions and business environment is constantly evolving.

When it comes to business and implementation, no amount of knowledge is ever enough. While you have your own set of expertise, as an entrepreneur you need to stay-up-to-date of your environment.

We have prepared a list of inspiring stories, that are quick to read and will upgrade your knowledge further:

A Quick Two Minute Read:

Stop waiting for the big idea

Always begin your day with a positive thought. Find out other ways in which successful business leaders usually begin their morning routine:

How 16 Successful Business Leaders Start Their Day

This article is guaranteed to motivate you into starting your day better and getting the most out of your morning routine. After all, what you do in the morning, will set you up for the entire day.

In the short article for 54 James Street – 5 minutes with Vindicta Digital, CEO of Vindicta Digital – James, has given his own tips on starting the morning. When asked about describing his daily morning routine, he said:

” I try to structure my working days as much as possible but as any entrepreneur knows, it can be crazy.” 

When you are an Entrepreneur, your days can be hectic and filled with a lot of meetings and rushing. It is important to have the right mindset and constantly keep up to date with the latest trends in the industry.

 Lunch Break read to shift your perspective

Billionaire Mark Cuban says the best advice he ever got was 2 sentences

  • Mark Cuban is worth an estimated $4 billion
  • According to Cuban, the best advice he’s ever received was hearing, “Today is the youngest you will ever be. Live like it.” 
  • Live like today is the youngest you’ll ever be by setting a goal, creating a process that supports it, tracking your progress, fixing what doesn’t work, and repeating what does. 

Mark Cuban’s Distaste for the Stock Market Is the Same Reason He’s a Billionaire Today 

Read about Mark Cuban’s story and how he began his entrepreneurship journey.

Work on you and improve your skills:

Warren Buffett Says Improving This 1 Simple Skill Will Separate You From Everyone Else (and Increase Your Worth)

When you have good ideas that often get rejected:

7 Rejections

Written by Brian Chesky, the CEO, and Co-Founder of Airbnb, the article introduces you to the replies from the investors during the early days when he was establishing his company.

The articles simply describe the struggle one face when trying to find investment and raise funds in order to take your business further.

Just in case, you are unfamiliar with the Airbnb, according to the Business Insider they are estimated to be $38 billion net worth.

They do not own any of the real estates, however as an online marketplace for arranging or offering lodging, primarily homestays, or tourism experiences. The company does not own any of the real estate listings, nor does it host events; it acts as a broker, receiving commissions from each booking.

If you are a small business owner who has just entered the technology segment of the industry, then it’s time for you to refer to the New York Times’ “The iEconomy”.

The iEconomy 

The articles in this Pulitzer Prize-winning series talks about the constant change in the tech industry and many facts might surprise you. As a tech person, you will realise that keeping up with the changing industry is no walk in the garden and you need to be constantly on your toes.

Last few words

The good news is that on the Internet, you can find just about everything on anything. If it’s business advice, entrepreneurship advice or even life tricks, making it a little bit easier – the Internet has got you.

While sitting on your break, waiting for a bus or having a few minutes to spare, try and look out for the articles that really matter. Keeping on top and constantly upgrading your knowledge can be rewarding as you never know when you’ll need this information.


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