Are Google Ads Actually Effective in Driving Business Success?

Are Google Ads actually effective?

If you have thought about advertising your business online, you have definitely come across Google Ads or Google Adwords.

The world’s largest search engine, Google, provides a huge range of internet-based services, with its advertising platform, Google Ads, being the most popular. With all the hype around this form of advertising, you may be thinking, “Is it actually that effective?” We hope to answer that very question in this blog.

Google Ads: Are they effective?

Google Ads’ popularity has greatly increased due to the increased recognition of Adwords’ success in recent years. In fact, the ad network now accounts for the majority of Google’s yearly earnings, 97% of it, to be exact.

Therefore, are they effective? Yes. However, as a result of the increase in demand, their cost to use has also increased. This begs the question: Has the value of utilising this type of advertising changed due to the cost increase?

Google Ads has the largest audience pool available

Unlike conventional advertising, Google Ads gives you total control over the targeting parameters. From certain search phrases to age, location, interests, hobbies, and anything in between. These adverts can help you find your target market since it knows, well, everyone.

With this benefit, your advertisement will be viewed by the people you’re trying to target. With more than 3.5 billion searches performed daily, it is clear how valuable it is for your company’s marketing to access Google’s audience.

Be wise with your spending

Pay Per Click is an efficient advertising strategy that Google Ads uses (PPC). Marketers only pay if a user clicks on the advertisement. Therefore, the PPC model still controls efficacy even if Google Ads’ popularity has increased the cost per click.

As they can establish daily budgets for their campaigns and adjust them at any moment, advertisers have total control over their spending. What is the cost of a click? The typical price is between £1 and £3. However, Google’s auction mechanism serves as the official deciding factor. Here, Google rewards companies that run high-quality advertising campaigns with reduced prices and prominent advert placement.

Performance Packaging

Traditional advertising strategies don’t allow for transparent and analytical performance tracking as Google Ads does. It will enable you to track the number of leads generated by campaigns and to see who clicks on them.

This enables you to see what about the campaign is working and what isn’t. It’s important to keep track of this performance data since, when used properly, it might be the difference between meeting and missing goals.

So, are Google Ads actually effective?

Google Ads continues to be a good option if you’re looking for a low-cost method of marketing your company while maintaining control over the people you’re targeting.

When applied effectively, they can deliver a tremendous return on investment with a good marketing budget. Countless businesses and marketing experts use them. Remember that sometimes you need to invest your capital to increase revenue, but this is an investment that has the potential to transform your business and take it to the next level…

Working with an Agency will ensure you are making the most out of Google Ads. Call our friendly team today.

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