What is Google AdWords and Why Should You Consider Using a Google Ads Agency?

Why use a google ads agency - googleadwords uk agency

Google Ads or Google adwords is a pay-per-click paid advertising and a massive part in the digital marketing world. Running Google Ads/Adwords campaigns is an extremely effective way to drive traffic that are directly looking for the services or product you provide. You can use Google Adwords for a range of things such as boost website traffic, receive more phone calls, increase online sale and increase the amount of people who visit your brick and mortar store.

Google Ads is a very clever software as it allows you to create and share ads to your direct audience or avatar. You’ve most likely came across Google Adwords in use when you search on Google you’ll notice the top results have ‘Ad’ in bold beside them.

Why would I use Google Adwords/Ads?

Google is the most used search engine in the world it receives over 5 billion searches every single day combine this with the fact Google’s Ads platform has been around for two decades which gives it serious seniority and authority within paid advertising sphere.

Your competitors are also using Google Adwords/Ads and so should you to ensure you are on power or have an edge over them. Hundreds of thousands of companies are using Google Ads to promote their businesses. If your businesses SEO isn’t ranking you within the first two pages of Google our experts here at Vindicta Digital strongly advise that you run Google Ads/Adwords along side SEO services to ensure you are gaining optimal website traffic.

What is Google Adwords?

Google Ads/Adwords is a bidding system. The advertiser selects a maximum bid amount that they are willing to pay for a click on their ad. The higher your bid, the better your placement on google search. You have three options when bidding: CPC, CPM, or CPE.

  • CPC, or cost-per-click is the amount you pay for each click on your ad.
  • CPM, or cost per mille, is the amount you pay for one thousand ad impressions
  • CPE, or cost per engagement, is the amount you pay when someone takes a predetermined action with your ad.

Types of Ads/Adwords Campaigns

In Google Adwords there are seven different campaign types you need to be aware of these include: search, display, video, shopping, app, smart, or performance max.

  • Search ads are text ads that are displayed with search results on a Google results page.
  • Display ads are images and are shown on web pages
  • Video ads appear on YouTube.
  • Shopping campaigns appear on search results and the Google shopping tab.
  • App campaigns use information from your app to optimise ads across websites.
  • Smart campaigns have Google finding the best targeting to get you the most clicks for your budget.
  • Performance Max is a campaign that lets advertisers access all Google Ads from one single campaign.

How do Google Adwords work?

Google Adwords display your ad to potential leads or customers who have searched for or are interested in your product or service. Advertisers will bid on search terms and keywords that they choose and the highest bidders are placed at the top of search result pages, on YouTube videos, or on relevant websites depending on the type of ad campaign the advertiser has selected.

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