Will Google Ads Work For Your Small Business?

Will Google Ads Work for your Small Business?

Google Ads are results that appear on the Google search results pages. They are incredibly popular amongst marketers, but why? What is all the fuss about?

  • They’re scalable: Google has nearly unlimited search traffic.
  • They target: Searches can be quite specific to the user’s aim.

What exactly are Google Ads?

When you search Google, two results appear: ads and organic.

Ads are the results on the search engine results page (SERP) that have the word “sponsored” next to them. Google advertisers (also known as search engine marketers) pay a lot of money to be at the top of the search results page.

As you may think, a large number of businesses use Google Ads. There is no barrier to entry. Any company can use Google Ads, including e-commerce, software as a service (SaaS), and service firms such as marketing agencies. 

What about you? Will Google Ads be beneficial to your company?

What Do Google Ads Cost?

Google did not become a $1.2 trillion corporation by giving away advertising space. They aren’t exactly inexpensive… In 2013, Amazon spent $158 million on Google Ads alone. 

Google Ads is a bidding system

Some larger advertisers pay a lot on keywords and “win” the auctions, resulting in their listings being at the top of Google’s search results. Others can bid less and place second or third. Others do not bid at all, instead focusing on a search engine optimisation approach to appear at the top of organic results.

Unsurprisingly, specific industries have become known for their razor-thin bid battles. Priceline and Expedia are two of the most competitive online travel companies.

Search intent is so local, and the travel sector has hundreds of thousands of SEM auctions at any given time. 

Companies in the travel industry hire teams of search engine marketers to monitor their keyword portfolios, optimising on a daily or even hourly basis. Insane right?

Will Google Ads Help My Startup?

The good news is that Google Ads are inexpensive and simple to test for small businesses. You do not have to spend millions of pounds.

Countless small companies and digital startups have succeeded by focusing their acquisition strategy on search engine marketing.

Try Google Ads If…

1) If your company’s needs are urgent

Local small companies, such as locksmiths, glass fixers, and repair shops, perform well with Google Ads.

Some of the auctions for such keywords bid up to £50 per click.

The reason for this is that these services are urgently required. If your car breaks down, you’ll probably contact the first or second Google search result to get it serviced since you can’t get to work without it.

2) SEO is in place

If you’ve mastered Google organic search (SEO), you could have a lot of success with Google Ads.

If your organic traffic is converting today, why not double down and grab even more of the same traffic that’s working?

Look at your Google Search Console and the landing page report in Google Analytics to see what keywords you’re ranking and converting for.

It is worthwhile to experiment with Google Ads. It may work on a small scale for certain businesses; who knows; it may be 1% of your marketing spend or 90%.

The only way to be sure is to do a test.

Assuming Google Ads prove effective for your business, the subsequent question arises: manage them independently or enlist an agency for campaign oversight and daily optimization. Collaborating with experts guarantees prudent budget allocation for specific keywords and maximizes ad efficiency. This strategic partnership safeguards against overspending while fine-tuning ads to attain optimal results. Entrusting professionals ensures your Google Ads venture thrives, securing the best returns on investment and sustained campaign success.

Contact Vindicta Digital Marketing Agency for your FREE non-obligatory quote. 

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