RMG License: Pre-Approved Facebook Ads For Competitions


Real Money Gambling License for Facebook Ads

For competition businesses, Facebook is an important part of getting competitions out there and getting entries. Thus, finding out your account has been suspended is not ideal. To prevent this, you need pre-approved Facebook ads for your competitions. 

Facebook has always been mindful of promoting anything that relates to online gambling. Most recently, they’ve been monitoring ad accounts that are not Real Money Gambling (RMG) approved. This is not as complex as it sounds. Here are a few things you need to get RMG approved. 

  1. You need to get approval from Facebook to advertise your competitions

When using Facebook ads to advertise the competitions, you will in all likelihood, be asked to apply for advance approval of your ad account. This can be done by completing the Online Real Money Gaming (RMG) Application form and the Facebook RMG questionnaire. Throughout these, you will be asked a variety of things such as how you are going to prevent unsolicited accounts from entering and which regions you wish to advertise in

  1. A solicitor will be needed to provide approval

Written evidence from a solicitor will be needed to showcase the legality of the goods or services in the United Kingdom (or wherever you wish to advertise).

Why do you need to have an RMG license?

Competition accounts that are not RMG approved before advertising on Facebook are getting their ad accounts banned. This means that you will not be able to perform any social media marketing or advertise until your account is reinstated. This can be a lengthy process and can even lead to a permanent ban.

You should also prepare for your competition page to have a spend cap, this is something Facebook puts in place until they are sure that you are a trustworthy business. In order to increase your spending cap, you should consider doing free competitions in order to increase your credibility and as a result, your spending cap.

How can Vindicta Digital Help?

Ensuring that you are RMG approved can be a hassle when you have a business to run. However, as we have explained, it is a necessity. We can assist with your RMG application if necessary. Let us take this added pressure off and you can focus on other aspects of your business.

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