Working with a Video Production Agency Comes with These Five Benefits

Five benefits of working with a video production agency

What’s better than reading a 10-page-long post? Watching it on video, of course. Not only is video production more capturing for your audience, but it also has many other benefits! We have compiled a list of our favourites below.

1. Better rankings

Video content is a great way to get your page to rank higher on search results pages. Although the content might be the same, a video will rank significantly higher on a results page than an article with 10,000 words. Google introduced the feature Universal Search, meaning users don’t have to scroll through endless results pages to get the right video. For you, this means using video production and content is the best way to capture your audience!

2. Social shares

It’s a common fact that images are more effective than words. They reach the audience in ways writing can not. Think of the phrase, “a picture speaks a thousand words”. This is the same for video production. Videos have been proven to get shared 7 times more on socials simply because it has a more emotive and personal impact on the audience!

3. Better explanations and connections

As mentioned, video production reaches an audience in ways we would otherwise find very difficult. Videos have a better explanation of concepts, better proof of ideologies and much more! People find video content much easier to understand than long pages of writing or even an image. It is a quicker, easier and more effective way to get your idea across to the reader. This is especially helpful if your audience is visual learners, as video production and the content will remain with them for a lot longer than writing will!

4. Easier for your audience

We are now in the age of handheld devices. Your mum, granny, best friend and everyone in between likely owns a smartphone or some sort of tablet. Video production is the best way to reach them. With stats showing that the amount of videos watched on handheld devices has increased by 400% over the last decade or two, this technique is not one to be undermined! Short-form video content can also be really effective, given the rise of Tik Tok, the king of video production and content!

Five benefits of working with a video production agency

5. Video production is creative and fun!

There is no doubt video production is a creative process. But that doesn’t mean it has to be a long, stressful and tiring process. It is fun! Producing unique, creative content is a great way to get yourself, and your brand noticed amongst your audience. This means video production is also a very rewarding process. Use it as a form of therapy if needs be, but do not miss out!

Video production is a great way to reach your audience, and it doesn’t have to be difficult. Start off slow and build your way up. Let the creative juices flow, combining images with your key messages and watch your engagement skyrocket. 

If you are looking to create a video production for your company, contact our friendly team today.

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