Glasgow Video Production Tips for Small Businesses: Enhance Your Visual Content for Maximum Impact

Glasgow Video Production Tips for Small Businesses

We often get questions around paperwork regarding video production, such as the legalities and rules surrounding working with models, performers, and music licencing. We often hear of small businesses being startled and overwhelmed by the ‘backend’ requirements of producing excellent video material.

This often occurs when a firm progresses from filming in-house content or utilising a single freelance filmmaker and friends as models to a professional level.

You should keep in mind a set of fundamental principles or standards while engaging in your own video production. These guidelines are designed to simplify the process, especially when financial constraints prevent you from outsourcing to a more extensive video production team. By adhering to these principles, you can maximize the impact of your work, maintain a professional level of quality, and achieve your creative vision within the limitations of a smaller budget and team size.

You can always hire a professional video production agency to handle those things, but in reality, many small businesses don’t have the budget for full-scale production. That’s we have gathered our top things to remember when working on your own film. If you fall into this category, then keep reading – we hope you find this helpful!

Keep track of your video production release forms

When shooting any content that clearly reveals people’s faces as the major protagonists of your campaign. Whether video or still, you should request that the model sign a model release form. This should be filled in before filming. It’s always better to be safer than sorry in this situation! You don’t want to spend all your money and time creating fantastic material just to have your actors change their minds about appearing in it. A release form can be simple and easy to complete. It should clearly describe your company’s name and information, the model’s specifications, and what you have agreed on in broad strokes. 

Consensus on usage rights

As indicated in the release form, you will normally obtain the usage rights to the footage rather than the copyright. These are two critical distinctions! Always confirm the use of terminology with your creative provider and models. Furthermore, 1-3 years is a frequent, geographically confined duration. If you want worldwide and permanent rights, you’ll have to pay for a so-called buy-out, which is expensive! As a general rule, the longer and more worldwide usage rights necessary, the higher the cost.

Contracts with suppliers for video production

Consider entering into a contract with your primary creative source. Again, we know many shoots are taking place without contracts being signed. However, you should have a verbal agreement or the major agreements in writing via email. These points might include the delivery timetable, the agreed-upon content to be supplied, the charge, the usage (as per release forms with your models), general terms and conditions, what happens if you have to reshoot, and so on. A contract may appear to be a difficult undertaking or a nuisance to most people, but it provides security for both parties and is essential!

These are just a few critical checkpoints to consider while operating your own production. This is not a complete list, nor is it legal advice.

Video production has numerous moving components, and if you have the means, it’s always a good idea to delegate this task to a video production agency. 

Here at Vindicta Digital Marketing Agency, we can manage your video production process from beginning to end. Contact us today for your free quote!

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