Video Production Jobs: Key Roles Behind the Scenes for Effective Visual Communication

Video production jobs

You may see an ad or video content online and wonder what goes on behind the scenes. While this is subjective, a lot of the time, video production involves a team of highly skilled professionals! Shutterstock has said that video production can sometimes involve up to 20 people!

In this post, we’ve compiled a list of some video production jobs that you may or may not be familiar with. Managing a brand’s identity via video content is not always a one-person job and can be harder than it looks!

1. Director

This one is a given. Any good quality video content usually involves a director. You could say they’re the people who keep the show running. The director must be aware of the brand goals, objectives, audience, and so much more to properly ensure that the video production meets all the aims. They also ensure that the project is done on time, which is a crucial step!

In some cases, the director may also be responsible for overseeing talent; if someone does not fit the brand’s identity and someone else would be better suited, a director will spot this a mile off!

Video production jobs

2. Camera operator 

Again, quite an obvious one. If you want to create great video production, you must have a great camera operator. A camera operator is someone who knows what they’re doing and is completely comfortable with all the technicalities that come with filming other people and working a camera. They ensure everything on the screen looks as good as it should, based on aesthetics and lighting. They also work closely with other members of staff, such as lighting and audio teams, to keep the show on the road.

3. Set designer 

Why would you worry about a proper camera team when your set lets you down? Exactly, you wouldn’t. A set designer is a key component of high-quality video productions. The set designer keeps the brand’s image in mind and ensures elements of the set, the area or the location appear as they should when on screen. This may involve completely creating sets from scratch or just utilising outdoor areas. Either way, the set designer makes sure they look professional and match the vision of the brand. 

Video production jobs

4. Video Editor

The work doesn’t end when the filming stops. Not for the video editor, at least. Video editors are the people who take care of the video after it is filmed. They cut, edit, stick and sew all the little pieces of raw footage together to make the final product. Following the director’s orders and the brand’s goals, the video editor remains true to the vision and makes it happen!

While it is possible that one person can do video production, it can be a lot of work! Employing a video production team helps keep the content, high quality and reduces the effort from the brand itself. 

Everyone makes up a little piece of the puzzle, helping the brand reach its goals. If you need help with your brand’s video production, contact us today.

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