Why your SEO needs continuous input, not just a one-off push

At our Belfast SEO agency we meet so many business owners that have been left feeling frustrated with SEO, because they have spent a fair amount of money getting their website set up and optimised and submitted to the search engines but aren’t getting consistent page rankings. It’s easy to think that a one-off SEO push is “enough” to get good results for a while, but that simply isn’t true. SEO is a continuous process; it should be given care and attention on a monthly basis to keep your website within the first pages of the search results for your key commercial terms.  Our Northern Ireland SEO team have come up with some top reasons why your SEO needs continuous attention: 

Keeping up with your keyword competitors

We guarantee that any of your competitors that have enjoyed a top spot for the search terms you’re targeting have been working hard at their Liverpool SEO, and still are. Don’t get left behind while your competitors gain an even bigger advantage and the lion share of all the traffic you’re trying to attract. Working with an SEO agency will give you valuable insight into what your competitors are doing to maintain their rankings and allow you to catch up and take over. Specialist software, analytics and research carried out by your SEO agency will help you keep on top of the keyword competition. 

Keeping up with the Search Engine Algorithms

If you have followed SEO best practice for a while you’ll know that every so often Google and other search engines will change their algorithms meaning that you could lose rankings overnight if you’re not compliant with their most recent ranking signals. Knowing which changes are on the horizon and tailoring your site to appease the search engines will help you ensure that you don’t drop off the face of the listings when updates do take place. There are always news stories about large updates such as Panda and Penguin, but did you know that Google carries out smaller updates around 500 times a year, and information about these updates is rarely made public. Part of our SEO agency work involves educating our team on the latest updates and keeping an ear to the ground about industry changes to give our Ireland and SEO Liverpool clients the best possible chance of staying ahead of the algorithms. 

Keeping up with Consumer Behaviours

The way search engine users look for information evolves over time. The introduction of new software, new browser updates and new devices changes search habits. If you have only carried out SEO once for a standard desktop PC user, you could be missing out on a huge amount of mobile or voice search traffic. The use of specific keywords will change over time too, so it’s important that part of your SEO regime includes tracking popular and relevant keywords over time to allow for fluctuations in traffic from your key terms. 

Don’t lose your hard-earned SEO presence

Any SEO that you have carried out for your website so far will help in the longer term, but the impact of SEO does decay over time. Sadly, a website’s rankings can drop by an average of 30% when the hard work stops, and that will certainly affect traffic to the site. Keeping up with regular SEO maintenance every month will make sure that you don’t lose the value of your initial investment into SEO. For example, generating new content through blog posts and landing pages will help, however only if these are correctly optimised along with the rest of your website. Creating the wrong type of content that isn’t correctly optimised could in fact damage your rankings. That’s why working with an expert SEO agency is the most sensible idea for long-term SEO results. 

If you would like to discuss your SEO strategy with the SEO Agency Belfast is growing to love, then get in touch with our Northern Ireland SEO team to see how we can help. 

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