SEO Belfast: A Comprehensive Guide to Optimizing Images for Improved Website Performance and Search Engine Rankings


Optimising your web pages works wonders for your search engine rankings, but did you know you can do the same for images? Optimising your images for SEO Belfast purposes is simple and beneficial. Our SEO Belfast experts suggest the following tips on how to begin optimising your images for search engines.


1. Name your images descriptively

You might be using your keywords within your website, however, it’s just as important to use them when labelling your images too for SEO Belfast purposes. When you upload product shots or videos, your camera or laptop automatically names them something irrelevant such as ‘img.01’. By implementing keywords into image titles, you can improve your search rankings as search engines crawl images as well as text. Try think of what your customers would be searching for on your website e.g., “women’s supportive running trainers” instead of “women’s trainers”.

2. Choose the correct file sizes

It’s worth mentioning that nearly 50% of consumers won’t even wait 3 seconds for an E-Commerce website to load. So, it’s essential that your image sizes are compatible with your speed because if they take 10 seconds to load, the customer is likely already gone! Shopify recommends keeping your image file size below 70 kb. Therefore, aim to decrease the size of your images and there are a number of ways to do this, such as:

  • Adobe Photoshop enables you to ‘Save for Web’ which reduces the image to the lowest possible size but maintains quality.
  • Canva is a free and effective tool for editing images. They offer tools to resize images and often don’t lose quality.

3. Use the appropriate file format

If you’re not familiar with file types then JPEG, PNG and GIF will make no sense to you, so let us explain.

  • JPEG – This file format has become the standard image of the internet. They can be compressed to produce quality images with small file size.
  • PNG – The second most popular image format is PNG. These are being used more often nowadays in comparison to GIF images, however, PNG’s can still be quite large.
  • GIF – GIFs are lower quality than JPEG’s and are normally used for icons and decorative images as well as animations. It’s advised not to use GIF images for larger images as they are not of great quality.

If you’re after a fast speed website and high-quality images, JPEG is the way forward!

4. Optimise alt attributes  

Alt attributes are known as the text alternatives to images and are used for when a browser can’t process an image, and for web accessibility in general. Alt attributes can also improve your SEO rankings if you include keywords which are relevant to the image. For E-Commerce websites, this can increase the chance of your products showing up on Google images or search, so perhaps include the serial numbers in the alt text so they’re easy to find!

Searching for an SEO Belfast Agency?

Vindicta Digital have SEO Belfast experts based in Northern Ireland, Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds waiting to help you! We not only have on-page SEO expertise but image optimisation too. Give us a call to discuss how we can develop a successful SEO campaign for your business.

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