Why is SEO Important in 2020?

Behind almost every online destination – whether it’s a website, app, blog or a social network – is a search engine. Search engines have become the connecting force and directional guide to our everyday life. With SEO being on the market since 1997 -if you would have a kid then, she would be 23 years old this year! Why she? Well, because SEO is very much… complicated. All joking set aside, now that 2020 is approaching and you are just starting to plan your SEO strategy for this or upcoming year, then you’re in the right place.

Here are some amazing tips which will help you develop your strategy further and leverage your SEO strategy. So if you want to generate more traffic from Google, then relax and keep on reading as this article is your rescue.

In modern-day and age, the importance of SEO cannot go unnoticed if you want to continue to rank at the top of Google. So here are 5 reasons why SEO is important in 2020 and there are also 5 tips to help you leverage SEO in 2020.

  1. Proactive SEO Approach

If you found yourself reading this article, it’s because you seek guidance or simply the answer to why SEO is and will be still important in 2020 – simply put, why wouldn’t it be? Search engines have changed the way we find information, conduct research, shop for products and services, entertain ourselves, and connect with others. As long as we have Google (supply) and users (demand) searching online for reviews, how-to videos, or simply doing research on any of the unknown topics, there will still be a need for SEO professionals to help Google bots better their index pages. Each year, Google makes hundreds of changes to its search. After the latest algorithm updates, it is vital that we stay current with Google’s SERP guidelines.

  1. Group Content by Topics

The more relevant content you bring to the table, the more Google will reward you by placing your content on the featured snippets. You can use content groups to evaluate traffic, conversions, and page value base on the custom categories that you define in Google Analytics. But, before that happens, you must structure your content the right way. Content grouping is an optimization method for search engines that simply revolve around changing the structure of your site by aggregating all related content into categories – what is content aggregation you ask? Well, in its simplest form content aggregation is the collection of related information based on a common topic involving one or more keywords.

  1. Google My Business Posts and Images

Since the creation of My Business by Google, they have been adding more and more options to improve the ability for a business to be discovered online. It’s particularly effective for small and local businesses that want to improve their reach and with Google My Business tool, they can do it free of charge. The question is what does this tool had to do with SEO in 2020? Combining the power of both GMB posts and SEO can benefit your overall strategy. In 2020, it is safe to say that Google is pushing more towards the quality content and improving Local SEO rankings, and this is where GMB comes into play.

  1. Use Video to Engage Your Audience

You have to think outside of the box. We are all visual human beings, responding to images and videos better as they catch our attention greater. So for every post you create on your socials, you should also create a video and post it to the YouTube channel or other media accounts in the likes of Instagram or Facebook. Just like this short animation from our go-to trusted choice for #SEO campaign in Liverpool City.

  1. Cross Channel SEO

Keywords also play an important role. On every channel where your business is listed, you should use keywords. Aim to have it in all of your publications on social networks, use them as hashtags and add them in your interventions on the forum. As a result, Google can increase your availability more when the brand is associated with these panels of expressions.


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