Glasgow SEO Guidelines


Glasgow SEO Guidelines

Have you been working on your rankings and getting nowhere? Are you unsure of where you are going wrong?

We have you covered. Let’s take a look at our top Glasgow SEO tips to boost your search rankings.

1) Compress Images

The first step would be to ensure all the images on your website are compressed. This is arguably the simplest way to begin optimising your website for SEO. They should be 1MB at the very most. You can compress your images using various free online tools, for example This will increase the speed of the website, faster pages are more efficient and provide a better on-page user experience. This will as a result, benefit your SEO.

2) Utilise Alt Tags & Descriptions

In keeping with the optimisation of images on your site, you should also ensure that you are correctly labelling alt tags and descriptions. If your business is a Glasgow dog groomers and you have images of the store on your site, make sure that these are described properly. The alt tag could read something like “best-Glasgow-dog-groomers”, this will allow the search engines to better crawl and rank your website. Your business’ Glasgow SEO rankings will increase if you feed the search engines the correct information.

3) Write Fresh Blogs

The importance of blogs when implementing SEO cannot be overstated. Blogs are the perfect way to position your website as the answer to the the searchers question. For example, if a business is searching “tips for Glasgow SEO”, the search engines would see this blog as a valuable answer. Your articles should be unique and provide relevant information. Glasgow SEO is becoming more competitive and so fresh content is always the best bet. 

The articles should include the correct keywords that you wish to rank for. It is important to analyse which keywords are the best to use, with the most prospects for success. If you are a Glasgow video production agency, you would be looking at keywords like “video production Glasgow” and “Glasgow video agency”. Try not to cram these words in though, as search engines can penalise for this.

4) Video

Whilst on the topic of Glasgow video production, video can be a great way to boost your ranking. A high quality video on your site can increase the amount of time a user spends on your website. Search engines see this as a sign that your website provides the right information on the search. If you source a Glasgow SEO agency with a video department, they will be able to outline the benefits that video has for SEO.

Why Vindicta Digital?

At Vindicta Digital Marketing agency this is one of our many perks. Not only do we have a dedicated Glasgow SEO team who have all the expertise to help your business rise in the rankings, we have a Glasgow video department. This is a great example of how going with a full service digital marketing agency can benefit your business. We know how other strategies can help boost your SEO, giving you full potential to better your SEO. 

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