Top SEO Tips for Glasgow-Based Business Owners


In a growing city like Glasgow, SEO is becoming harder to crack. This is why you need to ensure that your strategy is on point. Using the SEO tips outlined below will guide you to the ways of Glasgow SEO.


1) Know your customer  

 It is important to nail down where your customers are based. This is necessary to ensure you are using the right keywords and targeting the right areas.

If your business is a Glasgow PR agency, you will want to rank for this. That is not to say that you need to keep it Glasgow based. If your customers are all over the UK, you could go for “UK PR Agency”. Some of the keywords will be  competitive and harder to rank for, so it’s vital to really think about this.

 If you are struggling to know your keywords, a Glasgow SEO agency will always be able to help you.

2) Optimised website 

Around 64% of searches are done using a mobile phone (statista) Think of the amount of custom you are loosing if your website is not mobile responsive. If this is the case, you may not rank at all. Google loves speedy, fully optimised websites. This is a tip that is hard to master alone. A Glasgow SEO team will no doubt be able to optimise your website for the purpose of SEO. This is a good reason to go for a full service Glasgow digital marketing agency when looking to have your website designed. They will have SEO in mind when doing this.

3) Unique blogs

Elaborating further, excelling in Glasgow SEO presents increasing challenges due to evolving Google algorithms. The outdated approach of stuffing articles with keywords no longer holds merit. Attaining favorable search engine rankings necessitates a supply of fresh content. Depending on keyword competition, multiple weekly blogs might be required. Crafting unique content can be time-consuming. Should this resonate, a proficient Glasgow SEO team can relieve this burden, offering expertise in curating content for optimum impact.

4) Make use of video 

Having video on your site is often an overlooked SEO strategy. If you have a video embedded on the homepage of your site, potential customers will be intrigued to watch. 

The longer the customer stays on the site, the better. Google sees this as good user experience and so it will help you rank well. The video could be showcasing your Glasgow business, client testimonials or a product demonstration. If you are unsure of which type of video to go for, a Glasgow video production agency will be able to steer you in the right direction. You might even get lucky and find a Glasgow SEO and Glasgow video agency all in one.

5) Hire a full service Glasgow SEO Company


You might be thinking, where can I find an agency that does it all?

Look no further. Vindicta digital marketing agency has a specialised Glasgow SEO team as well as a Glasgow video team and much more. We can design your website with SEO in mind, then continue to work on this with a long lasting digital relationship. We aim to work with our clients long term, and use our expertise to ensure your business is a success online. 

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