How To Choose A Liverpool SEO Agency 


How To Choose A Liverpool SEO Agency

There is a lot to think about the choosing an SEO agency. After all, who wants to invest money and see no results? Here are a few tips for you to go by when choosing the one for your business.

1. Cheap, quick and simple does not exist

Although digital marketing is the cheapest advertising method, real Liverpool SEO takes time and money. It cannot be done over night and so you need to be wary of a company that promises speed. The Liverpool search engines are constantly changing their algorithms and so for SEO to work, it needs to be upheld and revised. It isn’t a case of getting to a position on Google which benefits you then no longer paying for SEO. 

2. Check out their portfolio

The best way to choose a Liverpool SEO company is to look at their current and past clients. If they have been able to run other successful campaigns, this is a good sign. You can check out their website for client testimonials or ask them for work they have done previously. If they are legit and a good company, this should not be an issue. This way you can find out more about the Liverpool SEO team’s planning and strategising and whether it is tailored to suit each specific business. SEO cannot be successful as a one size fits all approach.

3.Results cannot be guaranteed

This is key. If a Liverpool SEO agency comes to you and promises that you will be on page one by a certain date, this is a red flag. Nobody can guarantee a specific page rank. The promise you want is that they will follow the search engine guidelines for quality of work and the optimisation process. At Vindicta Digital we ensure that we do our best by our Liverpool SEO clients. This includes always changing our methods to suit the algorithms. We promise onsite articles, backlink building, ongoing optimisation and keyword testing.

Due to the constant changes with the Google algorithms, you have to be sure that you are going with an agency who will always be up to date.

4. Look for transparency

One thing you should look for in a Liverpool SEO agency is clarity and openness. If you are trusting them with a monthly/yearly retainer fee the least they can do is show you what that money is going towards. If you find a company being shady about their methods and not wanting to reveal too much, they may be practising black hat SEO. This includes spammy backlinks and keyword cramming. Whilst these methods can cheat you to the top of Google, it will not last and could lead to penalties. 

Look for a Liverpool SEO crew who are more than happy to share their plans with you. 

5. Go for a full service digital marketing agency

This tip may be slightly biased. A full service digital marketing agency will be able to advise you on other digital strategies which can also boost your SEO. This would involve Liverpool video production. You may be thinking, how can this benefit SEO? When a video is on your website it increases the amount of time spent on the page, Google sees this as an indication that your content is useful for that search. This is only one of many ways a digital marketing agency can help. We always suggest using Google ads as a way to get instant traffic whilst waiting for SEO to work behind the scenes.

How can Vindicta Digital help?

We have a specific Liverpool SEO team who are dedicated to helping each client dominate the search engine in their field. We also bring all the perks mentioned above as we are a full service digital marketing agency. There really is no decision to make here.


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