How to Complete an SEO Competitive Analysis

How to Complete an SEO Competitive Analysis

Why is an SEO competitive study important for your digital marketing strategy?

competitive analysis is something that you must perform in all aspects of the company, including your website. 

In this post, we’ll look at some of the major topics you should pay attention to in order to do a complete competitive analysis. It will be valuable for both beginners and specialists wishing to improve their competitive analysis abilities.

But, before we go into the nitty-gritty of analysing the SEO of your rivals’ websites, we need to address a crucial question: why do it in the first place?

What is the significance of an SEO Competitive Analysis?

First and foremost, we must know why businesses do competitive analyses. If you want to rank high in search engine results pages, you must also monitor what your rivals are doing.

Which keywords they rank for, what sort of material they focus on, and what their strengths and limitations are.

When you understand what they are, you can utilise that knowledge to make better judgements about your own SEO and content strategy. Only by taking these criteria into account will you be able to secure and maintain your position at the top of search results pages.

How to Complete an SEO Competitive Analysis

Step 1: Determine Your *True* Competitors

Of course, the first step in doing a competitive study is to identify your rivals. Even though this is only the beginning, here is when many people begin to make mistakes.

The crucial term here is true rivals, not simply those you believe are your competitors. 

Check who is ranking for your specialised keywords to uncover competition. You may accomplish this using an SEO tool such as SEMRush. SEO tools will also assist in identifying many of the topics covered in this article; therefore, investing in one will be critical to your success.

Step 2: Look for Keyword Gaps

Keyword gaps are keywords for which your rivals rank, but you do not.

It’s critical to identify these and strive to bridge the gap since if you don’t rank for these keywords, all of the traffic will go right to your rivals.

If they are using backlinks to enhance their ranks, it will be tough to outrank them until you have a similar amount of backlinks.

However, if they’re ranking with a page and you have a similar product that can solve that inquiry, outranking them may be pretty simple: simply supplement your product with an educational blog post that covers the queries related to the term.

How to Complete an SEO Competitive Analysis

Step 3: Identify the Highest-Performing Pages

Finding the pages that send the most traffic to your rivals should also be part of your competitive SEO study. This information is critical to your success, whether you want to make money blogging or run a business offering a product or service. 

Is this their website? A blog entry? How many and for what keywords does it rank? How much of their overall traffic is generated by this page?

Outranking their strongest page might be difficult. As a result, all of this information can assist you in identifying gaps and weak points in the remainder of their content: If their best-performing page is a landing page, but their blog entries are mediocre, it is wise to devote your attention to them.

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