How to Get Your Business Started on Instagram: Social Media 101 Guide for You

How to get your business started on Instagram: social media 101

Instagram allows small companies to reach new consumers and grow their brands online. However, merely having a presence on the platform is no longer sufficient. To get tangible results, an effective, well-planned Instagram strategy is required.

How do you do it?

Commencing your journey necessitates mastering the fundamentals. These encompass delineating your goals, optimizing your profile, and constructing content pillars. Subsequently, delving into the algorithm’s intricacies is paramount, along with vigilant monitoring of your competitors’ strategies and staying attuned to emerging trends. With this holistic approach, you’ll not only establish a strong foundation but also navigate the dynamic landscape of digital success with strategic prowess and adaptability.

While this may look to be a daunting task, it is well worth it. This post will explain how to use Instagram this year and beyond for your small company. 

Why Should You Use Instagram for Your Small Business?

Instagram marketing, when done correctly, may assist your small business in a variety of ways.

With an expected 1.3 billion users in 2024, Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media networks. Consider how much of your target audience is likely to spend time on the platform every day.

Furthermore, because of Instagram’s adaptability, every sort and size of the company may thrive on it.

Finally, because Instagram is primarily a visual network, it provides several options for small companies to be creative.

How to get your business started on Instagram: social media 101

Get the Fundamentals of Your Instagram Strategy Correct

Many marketers make the mistake of diving right into content development.

However, focusing on the fundamentals initially will set you up for success.

Here’s how it’s done:

Define Your Objectives

Creating an Instagram strategy without knowing what you want to achieve is like throwing darts in the dark.

Setting goals will not only help you direct your plan but will also help you track your efforts more successfully.

Begin by establishing a broad goal. Here are a couple of such examples:

  • To develop an online community
  • Increasing brand awareness for a new product
  • generating leads and sales

You can then write out specific goals that will affect your daily social activities.

For example, if your primary aim is to increase brand recognition, your secondary goals may include improving interaction, growing your following, and cross-promotion.

Finally, determine your key performance indicators (KPIs) depending on your goals. For example, marketers aiming to raise brand recognition will want to monitor post reach, impressions, and link clicks.

How to get your business started on Instagram: social media 101

Improve Your Bio

A well-optimised bio is essential for a successful Instagram strategy for small companies.

Your bio should be brief and to the point, describing what your brand stands for. Make an effort to write in a tone that reflects your brand’s personality.

Include the location and hours of your actual business in your bio.

Remember, you only have 150 characters to make an impact. Take advantage of it.

Consider the Instagram bio of the hair colour business Paradyes. It strikes the ideal blend of informative, quirky, and catchy:

Finally, make the most of the one link you may add to your Instagram account. Naturally, you should include a link to your brand’s most crucial page.

You may direct people to your site, your newest product, or your most recent blog article.

Consider rotating the links on a regular basis for the greatest results.

Ready to Create a Successful Instagram Strategy for Your Small Business?

So, begin developing your Instagram strategy right away. Who knows, it may become your favoured method of communicating with new consumers.

If you would like us to look after your social media accounts, then contact us today. 

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