Video marketing for businesses: what’s a storyboard?

Video marketing for businesses: what's a storyboard?

If you’ve opted to use video marketing in your business, you’ve taken an important step towards getting your company noticed. According to recent research, having a video on a landing page may raise the conversion rate by 80%. As a result, using video in your marketing strategy is essential. With thoughts for what the video should express racing through your mind, it’s easy to lose sight of the storyboard. Without a plan, a video might become a hodgepodge of ideas that undermines your brand.

We work with businesses across Northern Ireland, as well as further afield, and we always recommend that you consider a storyboard.

They’re quite simple to create, and while the production business behind shows like Game of Thrones uses them, yours don’t have to be as well. However, having some of your thoughts on paper assists us in creating a storyboard for you.

What is a storyboard?

A storyboard is often composed of squares with sketches or illustrations for each shot. Typically, each square is accompanied by notes or a brief description of what is happening in each frame.

The storyboard allows you to see how the finished video will appear and how the plot will unfold.

Video marketing for businesses: what's a storyboard?

Why are storyboards important?

To design your movie from start to end, you must first decide on the lighting and if you will utilise subtitles or voiceovers. Working on these aspects ensures that the finished result is precisely what you envisioned.

We do not ask our clients to thoroughly plot their films, but it is critical that you let us know if you have specific ideas that reflect your company’s logo. 

We can better understand your ideas if you use a storyboard (even if it’s simply stuck figures). We will then inform you of what is and is not feasible. 

How to create a marketing video

Each marketing video should have a fundamental framework, similar to how you would write a novel.


This catches your audience’s interest and should intrigue and motivate them to stay watching. The use of appealing imagery and a familiar scenario calms the audience and prepares them to hear the message.

Video marketing for businesses: what's a storyboard?

Invitation to action

A call to action is required for all marketing activities. If you don’t know how to contact a company, no matter how fantastic the marketing video is, it will fail to increase your consumer base.

Remember to include your company name, website URL, and contact information. Make sure such facts are visible on the screen for long enough for someone else to take note of them.

With these foundational elements in place, envision the visual presentation of your video and draft a basic storyboard. Entrust us to handle this entire process, weaving together a captivating bespoke video production that surpasses all anticipations. Our expertise encompasses conceptualization, design, and execution, ensuring your video aligns seamlessly with your vision, resonates profoundly, and leaves an indelible impact on your audience.

If you would like to know more about our video production process, contact us today.

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