New LinkedIn Short Form Video Update

LinkedIn Short Form Video
LinkedIn have claimed on Wednesday they will be testing a new short-form video display that is similar to TikTok. With the introduction of this new test, LinkedIn joins a long list of other well-known applications, like Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and Netflix, that have introduced their own short-form video feeds in response to TikTok’s surge in popularity.
The new feed, which is located in a new “Video” tab in the app’s menu bar, was briefly presented by Null on LinkedIn. Swiping through a vertical feed of short clips can be done after you tap the new Video button. A video can be liked, commented on, or shared with others. The method by which the feed chooses which videos are shown to users isn’t made public by them yet.
The latest feature has similarities to the vertical short-form video feeds seen in other apps; but, while those feeds feature a wide variety of content, from humour to cooking videos, LinkedIn’s stream is mainly centred around jobs and business. Although you may still upload films to LinkedIn, the new dedicated feed is intended to increase user engagement and discovery by featuring short movies that users can quickly scroll through.
LinkedIn, which is owned by Microsoft, is looking into a new method for users to find relevant videos since it says that videos are becoming one of its customers’ favourite methods for learning from professionals and experts. The majority of users won’t have access to the function just yet because it’s still in early testing.
The introduction of a fresh feature comes with the increase in popularity of many creators on TikTok who share their experiences and advise on issues including professional development, job hunting, and advancing their careers. With LinkedIn’s new feed, video creators will have a new platform to share their videos and possibly expand their audience. In order to encourage creators to put their videos on the app, LinkedIn might eventually begin charging for the feed.
Some users might not think the new feed to be an appealing update to the app, as they might be overwhelmed by the number of short-form video feeds on popular apps, even though the feature offers additional possibilities for creators.

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