Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP): Enhancing Mobile User Experience and Website Performance

Let’s start by defining the term that not everyone is yet familiar with.

What is AMP?

AMP is a global initiative with one major goal; faster mobile websites.

It stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. So initially, AMPs are a web component framework that enables the creation of accelerated mobile pages. As a result, a combination of the three core components and optimization techniques ensures a super-fast user experience. This new project brings a new coding language to the table which works by restricting code to increase loading speed and reliability.

AMP is being transformed into something much bigger as Google has backed it up – and is encouraging websites to follow suit. Making it another marketing trend that any business has to start acknowledging to be on top of their marketing strategy.

Why is it important

If you are looking to attract and engage more visitors to your site, speed on your site is the key. Most visitors will immediately leave if the site takes more than 3 seconds to load, which is why AMP is a key implementation.

In other words, if you have a very interesting content that people are looking for and interested in reading while having great speed, your ranking in search results will likely increase!

Simply put, browsing on mobile while you’re on-the-go will mean that your internet speed is not always fast. So it’s best to optimize the experience of mobile browsing for all users (at least that’s what Google wants to happen) by standardizing a mobile version of your site with AMP.

Who will benefit from AMP?

The sites that will benefit the most from AMP are publishing sites. Sites that produce content. So how you’ll apply this to your client base is not by making their entire site into AMP. That might affect conversions negatively. Rather, you can transition your client’s blog section or news and updates section into AMP. Making it easier for mobile devices.

Sites that prefer loading AMP

Try opening an article from Twitter from the native mobile app. you’ll notice that Twitter has its own browser now – and it’s not really loading sites fast enough. But if a site is using AMP then it loads fast even with Twitter’s native browser.

Getting AMP installed 

Now, whenever you are more familiar with the newest Google tool, it’s time to tell you how to download it.  Following is the easy process of “AMP-lifying” your site(s)


For WordPress, there is a plugin to AMP your site in a matter of minutes.

First Install the AMP for WordPress plugin, then once you have activated the plugin, and you got the first view of it, you may want to focus most of your attention on the two main tabs: Settings and Design.

With the general setting of this plugin, you may set up your brand logo, it’s sizing, and more importantly, decide which pages or post types you want to make AMP pages.

The SEO setting in this plugin mainly allows you to update the SEO Metadata and implement all of the content from an SEO plugin that you are currently using on your site.

The Analytics setting will let you add your analytics tracking ID as well as any other analytics providers, such as Facebook, Segment, and many more.


If you are a Shopify user, don’t worry we have you covered too!

There is also a plugin available to make your Shopify a mobile-friendly shop. The Plugin is called AMP by Shop Sheriff and is equally easy to use as it’s WordPress version. The app provides a full dashboard to customize the settings and layout for your AMP pages.

This powerful dashboard does a great job of keeping things easy! It is very customizable and easy to navigate. The app enables you to customize the look of the pages and add analytics, among many other things. There are some limitations in certain settings, which can be unlocked when upgrading from the free plan.


AMP and its powerful framework seem to be becoming a must for websites. The ability to load your site pages faster than ever can easily attract more users, and if you strategically take advantage of this tool, you can easily increase your site rankings within SEO. It is key to use this tool not only because it creates more engagement, but because it is also extremely simple to install within common CMS sites, such as WordPress, Shopify, or even hardcoded guided with their official documentation.

Hopefully, this article gave you a little more insight into AMP, and you will find this information interesting and easy to follow when upgrading your site.



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