Google Updates Web Stories WordPress Plugin


If you’re already smashing your content marketing approach, then listen up! Google’s most recent announcement informed us that there have been updates made to the Web Stories WordPress plugin. The update comes with various benefits such as a form-based advertising option and more creative options.


What are Web Stories?

Similar to Instagram and Snapchat ‘stories’, web stories enable you to create fun and dynamic content for users to tap through at their own pace. This type of content is a mix of video, audio, text and images. These stories can appear across Google Search, Google Discover and Google Images, and now even on your own website with the WordPress plugin!

Web stories are a great and quick way to attract attention whether you include a link to your latest blog article or you want to showcase your latest product.

What will the new update do?

Conversions made easier

If you are a big fan of using web stories, then the new version 1.3.0 is another reason to love them. The new update comes with an easier integration with Adsense and the Beta Programmatic Demand via Ad Manager feature. This means you can easily add advertising to your web stories without having to worry about implementing coding! AdSense is Google’s automated ad selling service which only requires you to add a small bit of code to your website and they handle the rest. So, I guess you could say it’s stress-free too.

New Page Layout templates

Of course, consistency is key when it comes to content. However, you might fancy a different template when it comes to web stories if you have been using the same one repeatedly. With the new Page Layout Section, you will be able to mix and match pages without making any drastic changes. This will offer designers more flexibility and choice when it comes to creation – and more ways to ‘WOW’ users!


For those seeking to elevate their web stories and garner attention, the integration of animations presents an exciting opportunity. Google has introduced built-in animations, complete with customizable templates, empowering creativity. Remarkably, this marks just the inception of animation possibilities, with more updates anticipated down the line. As you explore these dynamic additions, anticipate further enhancements that will amplify the visual allure and engagement of your web stories.

Pre-publish checklist

Ensuring you have remembered to include every element in your web story creation can be stressful. Thankfully, the new update comes with a pre-publish checklist tab that alerts you if you’re missing any critical features that may affect your appearance on platforms. It also offers recommendations about how you can improve your accessibility, so essentially, Google has your back! We think this is a great feature for someone who is just starting to use web stories as they can get a helping hand on what works and what doesn’t.

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