2022 Digital Marketing Predictions

2022 Digital Marketing Predictions

2021 still has a long way to go. Those searching for a competitive advantage to stay ahead of the curve are already looking ahead to 2022. In this blog, we investigate “What will be the digital marketing trends in 2022?”

Where are we headed with our digital marketing in 2021?

First-hand digital experiences and social media profile monetisation. Businesses wanted to become digital in the aftermath of 2020. It was long overdue, in the opinion of many. Some people were already in the position and sought to solidify it. We already know that, by the end of 2019, mobile internet traffic in the UK surpassed desktop traffic. In 2021, this tendency will become much more pronounced as Google begins to rank mobile page experience. 

In addition, as the ‘big three’ social media platforms of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter become overcrowded, new channels are gaining traction.

What do you think the digital marketing trends will be in 2022?

Here are our digital marketing trend predictions for 2022:

  • Gaming marketing 
  • Shopping in the feed
  • Death of the cookie
  • Cryptocurrencies

The digital marketing landscape does not remain static for lengthy periods. Many hoped to slow down the pace of digital change after last year’s frenetic pace. Below we will dive deeper in to each trend.

2022, the year of gaming marketing 

For digital marketers, keeping track of a large number of audiences is a headache. It used to be mailing lists back in the day. Then we progressed to social media platforms. Now we must consider “digital campfires” or “internet campfires.”

Digital campfires, unlike more prevalent social media platforms, are less widely understood. Gone are the days when people thought gamers were a bunch of bored teenage males shut away in their rooms. According to The Times, the average age of a gamer is now 45, with over half of them being female. We now have massive online communities of people who connect by their love of gaming. These include platforms like:

  • Minecraft
  • eSports channels
  • Fortnite
  • Twitch
  • Roblox
  • Other gaming websites

Look no further for B2C companies wondering why interaction is absent among Gen Z and millennials. Although figures vary, many assume that well over 1 billion users connect to various digital campfires.

The social media trend of in-feed shopping

We’ve all heard of eCommerce. Many of us have seen advertisements on social media that lead to websites purchasing a specific product. Some social media sites are putting a lot of money into their retail features. Yes, this includes the ability for businesses to create online stores within the platforms, but it goes beyond that.

In-feed shopping is blurring the borders between influencer marketing and social media commerce. If you like anything you see in a video, click and buy it. Click and buy that moisturiser after listening to beauty advice from an influencer. The social media giants are attempting to monetise your social feed, bringing advertising and income closer together.

TikTok is lagging behind the major competitors, but with 700 million users, there is plenty of room for growth. TikTok is racing to include purchase options in its videos, and Facebook and Instagram are close behind.

The cookie’s demise 

The end of the third-party cookie has been a prediction that has lasted years. Even Google has indicated that third-party cookie support in Chrome will discontinue in early 2022. And sure, Chrome has a significant market share, ranging from 63 to 69 per cent, depending on where you look.

So, how do you interpret this? Monitoring people around the web provides the foundation for a lot of ad income. Unfortunately, this also implies that the cookie has caught up with user privacy concerns. Because of GDPR and consumer expectations, more individuals are concerned about their privacy. We already have the choice to disable third-party cookies and tracking, but the digital advertising industry is hurrying to implement plan C.

While third-party cookies appear to be on their way out, first-party data remains a valuable resource. Now is the moment to ensure that your CRM data is in good working order since you will use it more in 2022. The online advertising industry is evolving toward zero-party data based on information that consumers voluntarily provide.

Cryptocurrencies are here to stay

Still have reservations? Perhaps you should reconsider. Cryptocurrencies are on the increase, from BitCoin to DogeCoin, Ethereum to Litecoin. These currencies are gaining in popularity and price as digital storehouses of value. As of May 2021, each BitCoin is worth about £40,000, compared to less than 20% a year before.

Tokenisation is one of the fascinating characteristics of Bitcoin and DogeCoin. That implies you don’t need to keep a whole £40,000 BitCoin, only a portion of one, and you can use it to make modest transactions.

Still sceptical that cryptocurrency will be around for a long time? On April 26th, JP Morgan announced that clients could invest in BitCoin funds for the first time. This followed Morgan Stanley’s announcement on March 17th that it was the first central US bank to provide clients access to BitCoin money.

Cryptocurrency isn’t a new concept. Many gaming and worldwide eCommerce sites have long accepted BitCoin.

What does the future hold for digital marketing trends?

Change is happening at a rapid pace. Vindicta Digital Marketing Agency understands the fast growth of digital, which is why we keep you informed. We provide a variety of digital marketing agency services, all of which are supported by our team of experts. Finally, we want you to have faith in the advice we provide.

So, there you have it – our predictions for 2022. If any of the above has sparked some interest and you’d like to discuss any of these further, give the Vindicta Digital Marketing Agency team a call on 0800 009 6328

Alternatively, you can provide a few details in our contact form, and we will contact you.

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