The Role of Content in SEO and How to Create Optimised Content: A Comprehensive Guide for Digital Marketers

The Role of Content in SEO and How to Create Optimised Content

While SEO or search engine optimisation is an ever-changing field, one thing has remained essential: the role of content. 

Content and SEO go hand in hand. Search engines are used to answer user queries, and while the results may vary between blogs, videos or e-commerce, they are all content. Content is the foundation for great SEO results. 

The role of content in SEO

To understand the role of content in SEO, we must dissect the words themselves. SEO optimises your website and content, so they rank higher on search results. Content is what the page contains. This could be images, blogs, videos or graphics, for example. 

To keep your content SEO friendly, it should contain relevant keywords, be user-friendly and always have your audience in mind. 

Creating optimised content

Having optimised content is the only way you will increase your rank when it comes to search results. Here we have compiled a list of ways that you can do this!

1. SEO optimised page titles

Page titles hold the initial attention of website visitors. If they don’t align with the search query, engagement might plummet. A guiding principle for optimizing page titles is crafting them succinct, pertinent, and in line with your content. Ensuring conciseness while maintaining relevance fosters effective communication between your intent and the page’s content, enhancing the user experience and increasing the likelihood of meaningful engagement.

2. SEO optimised meta descriptions

Similar to page titles, meta descriptions are one of the first things a consumer will see when your page appears in the search results. This is where you can grab their attention and drive them to read the rest of your page. If you don’t include keywords or the content seems to be irrelevant, you will get fewer clicks and ultimately lower your SEO and rank over time. Keeping meta descriptions between 155-160 characters is the best way of ensuring all the information is eligible from the search results page.

meta description importance for SEO

3. Clean URL

URLs also count as your content as they inform the search engine what the page contains. It is always a good idea to alter your page URL, so it is clear, concise and relevant to the page. Not only is this helpful for the consumer, but it is also helpful for web crawlers as it makes the page easier to read and more likely to appear in search results. Think about changing the random numbers and letters to something that includes your keywords and brand name, for example.

4. Optimise for all users

Finally, think about your audience. For example, will they be on a computer, a tablet (e.g. iPad) or a mobile device? This is where you must have in-depth audience knowledge as you will need to design and optimise your site so that the user experience is smooth, depending on the device used. Many pages load poorly on mobile devices as they do not fit properly. This lowers the UX and will negatively affect the ranking on search results pages as the bounce-back rate will increase (people spend less time on the site). 

optimise content for all users

Creating SEO optimised content is not easy, but it is definitely worth the work if you wish to appear higher in search results or attract new customers. The last thing you want as a business owner is to lose out on online customers because your site is not up to scratch or doesn’t seem relevant. 

If you follow our tips and take it step by step, you will appear higher in no time! 

If you need any more information, don’t hesitate to contact us today. 

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