Best Practice for Facebook Ad Design


Struggling to figure out why your Facebook ads aren’t performing? If it’s not your budget, targeting or copy, it could very well be your design. Images are actually more important than your copy when it comes to Facebook ads as 75-90% of a Facebook ad’s performance relies on the image. This means your image should be eye-catching and stop the user in their tracks whilst scrolling. Here are some best practice guidelines to ensure you’re meeting the standards.

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  1. Less text on images

Although there is no limit on the amount of text you can use within images, Facebook state that if the text is necessary on your image, keep it below 20% as these ads tend to perform better. They also suggest that the font should be smaller in comparison to the image.

  1. Ensure landing page is consistent with ad design

You want to ensure if a user clicks on your ad that they will have a smooth transition to your landing page. Therefore, keep the colour and font of your ad consistent with the landing page in order to reduce bounce rates.

  1. Use the correct sizes

You want your ads to appear professional and not look like it’s leading to a dodgy website. With that in mind, make sure you are using the correct ratios to prevent your images from looking distorted or grainy. For example, Facebook recommends 1:1 for image-based ads on the newsfeed. The platforms full specifications can be viewed here.

  1. Clear message

People scan their newsfeed quickly and research by the Mobile Marketing Association found that it takes two to three seconds for two out of three people to recognise ads on desktop. Therefore, use your ads wisely and get your message across clearly and straight to the point otherwise, it could go missing.

  1. High-quality images

Just like you need appropriately sized images, your ads must use high-quality images if you want them to look professional and if you want people to engage with them. So, avoid pulling images straight off Google images as they also might not be licensed for use and they can also be bad quality. Canva is a great tool to create Facebook posts and ads as it offers a range of free resources.

  1. Use of video

Videos tend to catch users’ eyes more than images within their newsfeed so it might be worth A/B testing images and videos to see what your audience prefer. It doesn’t have to be movie magic worthy; you can even add animate your text to create movement.

If you’re still struggling with getting your Facebook ads to perform, give our digital marketing experts a shout at Vindicta Digital. Vindicta provides effective Facebook ad campaigns which comprise of creating engaging content, monitoring, optimising and increasing performance to achieve your goals.

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