Ways to Stand Out from B2B Competitors Using Digital Marketing


Cut Through the Clutter Using Creative B2B Marketing Strategies

When it comes to B2B businesses, many companies do not put enough importance on the marketing department. Yes, marketing is an essential part of generating leads and customers for a B2B company. However, a lot more emphasis is placed on the sales and business development departments. But if the goal is in growing the company, it more important to give B2B marketers a greater role and responsibility.

It can be difficult to stand out from the competition—no matter what industry you’re in. But if you’re looking to differentiate yourself from your competition and attract new clients, you have to be unique.

Business customers are people too. When marketing teams give more consideration to search engine optimization and pleasing the algorithms than addressing the needs of their audience, we end up with a sea of copycat offerings that become indistinguishable to potential customers. Marketers have to contend with compressed timeframes, the need to keep costs low, a constant stream of new competitors, and prioritisation of technical considerations. As a result, creativity in brand marketing campaigns suffers a lot.

As a leading digital marketing agency in Belfast, we’re here to help your B2B gain more leads and sales.


If you’re not sure how to make your brand stand out, here are some tips to stand out:

Identify Your KPIs

Once you know how you plan on delivering your digital messages, you’ll have to identify which KPI metrics you want to track. Start by analyzing campaign goals you’d like to reach. Here are just a few:

Different KPIs your Organization can Measure:
1. Unique Website Visitors
2. Social Mentions and Sentiment
3. Form Conversions
4. Referral traffic from online news coverage

Measuring the performance of your organization’s digital efforts will help you identify what strategies to push forward and which ones to set aside. Keep in mind, it’s very important to track earned media KPIs as well. Whether it’s from social media, online publications or broadcast stations, today’s digital marketers must always take advantage of their earned media coverage.

B2B Marketing: Keep SEO in Mind

SEO plays a big part in today’s digital media marketing. To start, you’ll need to make sure you are writing with voice search in mind. Consumers are now conducting an incredible amount of their searches through hands-free features like Siri and Alexa, which are constantly at their disposal. Therefore, you’ll need to optimize your digital marketing practices for voice search.

Create Good – Quality  Content 

A basic rule of digital marketing is to give something in order to get something.

One thing you can give your potential followers is great content, and what you’ll get is engagement such as visits to your website, follows likes and shares. But remember, any good content marketing strategy starts with longterm commitment. If you consistently share good content, your social credibility goes up and your audience will likely come back again and again.

You will develop a reputation that your social media feed is a place for great pieces to read. This is especially true if your content showcases your industry expertise. An easy way to do this is to leverage the subject matter experts you have within your organization. Your blog will develop its own following, and that’s mutually beneficial to your social media feed. People will appreciate learning from you, and it develops a reputation that your company is knowledgeable and credible.

Not to mention, the countless google algorithms that favour great content above anything else. We’ve covered Google Algorithms in the past, but did you know that Google has ruled out a new Google update this week? It is yet again rumoured to improve the rankings for those that focus on great quality content!

Include Eye-Catching Visuals

There’s a reason that so many social media promotions incorporate visual content. Videos have also become a powerhouse marketing tool for brands in the past few years. Outlets like YouTube and the rapidly growing TikTok allow marketers to forge connections with consumers by creating visually appealing content.

The brain processes pictures more efficiently than written words. People are 65 per cent more likely to remember content associated with a memorable image. That’s why there’s been significant growth in using infographics to deliver essential data points. They combine useful information with visuals that keep a user’s attention spam longer.

Visuals are great for customers who don’t have a lot of time to digest a dense whitepaper or other technical content. However, what brands need to remember is that those images should be something customers want to see.

Infographics seem to be more popular during the early part of the buyer’s journey, while videos and webinars prove more popular during the middle stage of the buyer journey. Brands should also pay close attention to what analytics data tells them about user preferences when it comes to engagement with visual content. Keep in mind that your images should contain descriptive alt tags so the visually impaired can identify what your image content consists of.

B2B Marketing: Product Ratings and Reviews

Did you know that displaying product reviews have been found to increase conversion rates by as much as 270%?

Displaying social proof can help you build trust and increase conversions. In addition, the user-generated content often includes relevant long-tail keywords that will help improve your SEO Belfast ranking.

Here are some tips to make product ratings and reviews work harder for you:

  • Allow visitors to sort reviews (e.g., by relevance, date, category, etc.)
  • Encourage customers to write detailed reviews by including prompting questions in your review form (e.g., pros and cons, would you recommend this product, etc.)
  • Display negative reviews, which can help increase trust and lend credibility to positive reviews.
  • Set up post-purchase email reminders to ask your customers for reviews.
  • Incentivize customers to leave a review.
  • Experiment with the placement of customer reviews on your product pages.

Mobile App

Make it even easier for your customers to order with their mobile devices by offering a mobile app so you can reduce friction and increase conversion rates by streamlining the purchasing experience.

This is a great opportunity for vendors who want to stand out as a leader in the B2B eCommerce space, as only 13% of the businesses surveyed offer mobile apps to their customers.

Here are a few ways to optimize your B2B mobile app:

  • Design a fast and streamlined user experience.
  • Leverage push notifications, but don’t overdo it!
  • Include a CRM component in your app to enhance customer communications and deliver a personalized experience.
  • Use your app as a marketing tool — some buyers test out an app before engaging with a business. Make sure you’re delivering a stellar experience from the get-go.
  • Allow users to customize their experience, e.g., by creating shortcuts for frequently-used sections or a personalized dashboard.

B2B Marketing: Employ Search Engine Marketing and Paid Advertising

If you do search engine marketing (SEM) the right way, outshining your competition is easy. But SEM text ads are extremely competitive, so you need to write them effectively every time. Your ads should be current, specific, simple, and personal to your customers. Be sure to address pain points and include a CTA and keyword(s) in every ad you craft.

You can also try typing a few keywords relevant to your industry into Google and seeing what types of text ads pop up. Chances are, if your competition is investing in SEM, their ads will show up alongside the others. What information do they include? Analyze your competitor’s ads and try to determine how you can make yours even better.

Paid advertising can help you differentiate your company too. Whether you advertise on social media platforms like LinkedIn or on Facebook or another platform, there are many different types of ads you can try and a variety of ways you can make your ads stand out.

Again, look to the competition and analyze what they’re doing. How can you do it more effectively? Start by testing a few different ads and see how many leads you generate from each. The great thing about advertising is it gives you direct insight into what’s working and what’s not working. And if something’s not working? Just tweak it until it does.

And since we’re already in the festive, season we’ll add a bonus point of something you can do now to optimise your site through the holiday season:

Tweak Your Online Ads And NAP

One of the most important and often overlooked steps to take in preparation for the uptick in online traffic during the holiday season is to add pertinent company details to your search engine results or website. Remember to update your NAP: Name, Address and Phone Number across any and all areas where they’ll be displayed on the web. Not only can uniformity of your information drive your business’s search rankings, but it will guarantee that consumers trying to contact or research your company are receiving the correct information. Has your opening hours changed for the festive season? Make sure to broadcast all changes to your audience!

It also pays to tweak your Adwords advertisements with holiday-appropriate keywords.

Adding phrases such as “Free Shipping All Season Long” or “Best Holiday Deals Available Now” will help your ads stand out. It also couples any sales search terms with contextually unique holiday phrases that B2B consumers may be searching for. Don’t go crazy though; adding too much holiday flare to your existing ads can make them look spammy and subsequently cause them to be removed by search engine moderators.

In short, don’t be afraid to celebrate the holidays in your B2B marketing efforts, just don’t go overboard. By executing marketing best practices with a touch of holiday cheer and style, your B2B company can benefit from the tried and true marketing techniques of B2C marketers.

To find out more on holiday SEO tactics read our last article: Holiday SEO: How To Maintain Rankings for Seasonal Products

B2B Companies Need to Realize the Impact of Great Marketing

Companies need to understand the challenges that their marketing department faces. Instead of placing restrictions on what channels to use, what lead sources to go after, and how to implement marketing campaigns, companies need to give their marketing department room to experiment. Rather than opposing ideas, they should focus on making decisions based on data.

Companies also need to realize that it’s very cost-effective to launch campaigns via digital marketing. Advertising platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads offer advanced targeting options. Social media marketing doesn’t require much to get going. Channels like blogs and email are great for developing subscribers and followers. If the B2B company is working with a small budget and wants to use offline channels, it’s a smart idea to start online and funnel the profits into the offline channels.


In conclusion, marketers play an important role in the success of the B2B company. Marketing is having a bigger impact on the growth of many B2B companies as channels and strategies slowly mature. Companies cannot be limited to narrow strategies like focusing on a few lead sources and putting these leads through the same customer funnel. They need to expand into different channels, experiment with different strategies, and explore multi-channel integration. They need to give marketers a stronger influence on the progression of the company.

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